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 ged abbr.
gen. наибольший общий делитель
biol. щука (Esox)
 GED abbr.
hindi Департамент всеобщего образования (General Education Department Johnny Bravo)
 Ged abbr.
geol. жединский возраст (MichaelBurov); жединский (MichaelBurov); жедин (MichaelBurov); жединский век (MichaelBurov); жединский ярус (MichaelBurov); жединское время (MichaelBurov); жединская толща (MichaelBurov)
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 ged abbr.
IT greatest common divisor
 GED abbr.
abbr. Git Er Done; gasoline-engine driven; Get Even Dumber
abbr., amer.usg. general equivalency diploma (Leonid Dzhepko); General Education Development tests (Val_Ships)
abbr., avia. Georgetown, Delaware USA
abbr., gedrite
abbr., ed. General Education Development; General Education Diploma; General Educational Development; Good Enough Diploma
abbr., file.ext. Graphics (Graphic Environment Document, Arts & Letters); Graphics editor file (EnerGraphics)
abbr., geol., scient. Global Element Distribution
abbr., IT GoldED for DOS Compiled configuration file; Graphics; Graphics editor file
abbr., med. Gastric Emptying Duration; Gastric Epithelial Dysplasia; Generalised Exfoliative Dermatitis; Glutamic Acid Diethyl Ester; Graves' Eye Disease
abbr., oil gas electron diffraction; gas-engine-driven; gasoline engine driven
abbr., scient. General Education Degree
abbr., water.suppl. Gallon per Employee per Day
mil. gas engine driven; general educational development; general engineering development; group on electronic devices
 Ged abbr.
abbr. Gedinnian (MichaelBurov); Gedinnian age (MichaelBurov); Gedinnian strata (MichaelBurov); Gedinnian time (MichaelBurov); the Gedinnian (MichaelBurov)
abbr., geol. the Ludfordian (MichaelBurov); Ludfordian (MichaelBurov); Ludfordian age (MichaelBurov); Gedinnian sequence (MichaelBurov)
abbr., oil Gedinian
geol. Gedinnian Stage (MichaelBurov)
 GeD abbr.
abbr., oil geogram with dip
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