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math. данные о
product. данные на (Yeldar Azanbayev); данные по (Yeldar Azanbayev)
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Abbreviation1 Customs1 Hydrology1 Military41 Sakhalin4
Architecture1 Data processing5 Information technology20 Name of organization3 SAP finance3
Astronautics18 Databases4 International law1 Nautical3 Scientific6
Automated equipment6 Diplomacy1 International Monetary Fund5 Nuclear and fusion power4 Security systems2
Aviation4 Ecology7 Internet1 Nuclear physics3 Statistics1
Banking1 Economy4 Law6 Oceanography oceanology1 Taxes2
Business2 Education1 Law enforcement1 Oil / petroleum2 Technology17
Cartography8 Electronics1 Lighting other than cinema1 Oil processing plants1 Telecommunications5
Clinical trial4 Energy industry5 Makarov14 Pharmacology2 Tengiz1
Communications1 Fishery fishing industry2 Mathematics3 Pharmacy1 Trade unions1
Computer networks5 General13 Medical1 Power system protection2 United Nations8
Computing4 Geology1 Metallurgy2 Production3 Water supply1
Construction2 GOST1 Meteorology3 Programming116 Weapons of mass destruction1
Crystallography4 High frequency electronics1 Microsoft12 Radio2