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 eld [eld] n
gen. старость; пожилой возраст
coll. the old старики
obs. старина; былое
poetic, dial. возраст (человека)
 eld [eld] adj.
gen. старый; бывший; давнишний; обветшалый; поношенный; потрёпанный; прежний
 ELD [eld] abbr.
transp. электронные устройства записи (electronic logging devices, oshkindt)
 English thesaurus
 ELD [eld] abbr.
abbr. Equivalent Lens Diameter; Erasable Logic Device (Vosoni); Lethal Dose Embryos
abbr., agric. embryo lethal dose
abbr., avia. El Dorado, Arkansas USA; Employee and Leadership Development; NAV CANADA Employee and Leadership Development Unit
abbr., ed. English Language Development
abbr., electr.eng. economical load dispatch (ing); economical load dispatching
abbr., file.ext. Edge Lit Display
abbr., IT edge-lighted display; electronic license distribution
abbr., mil. Expendable Laser Decoy; emitter locating data
abbr., opt. electroluminescent diode
abbr., st.exch. Eldorado Gold Corporation (Irina Kornelyuk)
mil. earth launch date; electronic lie detector; extra-long distance
tech. energy level diagram; engineering line diagram; error logging device
 eld. abbr.
abbr., eldest
 ELD [eld] abbr.
abbr. economical load dispatcher; extralong distance
abbr., busin. extra long distance; elder; electric load dispatcher
abbr., economic load dispatch
abbr., oil elevation/latitude/depth
abbr., pedag. Early Learning Division (штат Орегон, официальный сайт vgsankov)
abbr., space electroluminescent display
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