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 SCD abbr.
avia. боковая грузовая дверь (Side Cargo Door (B747) lepre)
cardiol. ВСС (внезапная сердечная смерть – sudden cardiac death vitatel)
chem. хемилюминесцентный детектор серы (Izuminka2008); сегментированный детектор с зарядовой связью (Segmented-array Charge-coupled Device kadzeno)
chromat. хемилюминесцентный детектор на серу (Olga_Lari)
med. устройство, создающее последовательную компрессию (WAHinterpreter); дисперсия хроматина сперматозоида (Sperm Chromatin Dispersion, метод оценки фрагментации ДНК сперматозоидов, ser77)
O&G, tengiz. БДЗС (System completion database – база данных по завершению систем Meirzhan Mukhambetov)
pharm. Казеин-соевая питательная среда (Soybean Casein Digest NeoGumanist)
tech. проточный детектор (Streaming Current Detector baletnica)
 внезапная сердечная смерть внезапная сердечная смерть SCD abbr.
abbr., cardiol. ВСС (sudden cardiac death vitatel)
 Scd1 abbr.
immunol. стеароил-CoA десатураза 1 (stearoyl CoA desaturase 1 aguane)
 English thesaurus
 SCD abbr.
abbr. Scientific Computing Division; schedule; scheduled; Scientific Computer Division; screen door; sickle-cell disease; SPARC Compliance Definition (SI, SPARC); Special Circumstances Debt (4uzhoj); specification control drawing; special contribution for defence (kee46)
abbr., avia. selective cell discard; single channel demultiplexer; specification control document; subject to captain 's discretion; system category diagram
abbr., BrE Saving Certificate Division
abbr., cardiol. sudden cardiac death (MichaelBurov)
abbr., chromat. sulfur chemiluminescence detector (Olga_Lari)
abbr., comp., MS self-contained deployment (vlad-and-slav)
abbr., d.b.. slowly changing dimension (bonly)
abbr., sandstone and conglomerate deposits; sediment concentration distribution; semiconductor detector; snow cover depletion; soil conservation district; streaming current detector; system of conjugate directions
abbr., el. S-band Cassegrain diplexer; segmentation channel descriptor; semiconductor device; semiconductor diode; serial cryptographic device; short-code dialing; signal conversion device; solid-state ceramic display; source control drawing; spectroscopic critical dimension (linewidth measurement); stored-charge diode; supercritical drying; surface charge density; switched capacitor device; system contents directory
abbr., el., scient. Sister Component Damage
abbr., electr.eng. security constrained dispatch
abbr., file.ext. Standard Color Display
abbr., fin. Systematic Country Diagnostic
abbr., food.ind. Specific Carbohydrate Diet
abbr., geol., scient. Silver Creek Division
abbr., inet. Something Completely Different
abbr., IT Microsoft Schedule+ 7.x Contacts; SCODL Scan Conversion Object Description Language; Strong Commit Dependency
abbr., med. Scleroderma; Sickle Cell Disease; Sickle-cell Disease; Special Care In Dentistry (periodical); Special Care In Dentistry Association (Previously: FOSCOD: Federation Of Special Care Organizations In Dentistry); Sudden Cardiac Death; Spinocerebellar Degeneration; severe combined immunodeficiency; Sequential compression device (WAHinterpreter); sudden cardiac death (внезапная сердечная смерть Dimpassy)
abbr., med., dis. Spinal Cord Degeneration (iwona)
abbr., media. Sports Collectors Digest
abbr., mil. Service Connected Disability; System Confidence Demonstration; Spectral Correlation Density
abbr., oil surface consistent spiking deconvolution
abbr., police Sex Crimes Detail
abbr., port., space satelite de coleta de dados
abbr., progr., IT Sequential Compression Device; Slowly Changing Dimension
abbr., scient. Second Cycle Degree
abbr., scottish Semi-Conductor Devices (Israel); Signal Command Decoder; System Capabilities Document (US DoD)
abbr., tradem. Sun Coast Designs
Apollo-Soyuz switching computing device
med. sickle cell disease (Chita)
mil. security coding device; service computation date; software conceptual design; speed computing display; state civil defense; surveillance criticality designator; system coordination document
physiol. Service connected disability
tech. satellite control department; severe core damage; ship center display; significant construction deficiency; stealth characters discrimination; subcarrier discriminator
 ScD abbr.
abbr. Doctor of Science
 scd abbr.
mining. screwed
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