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 OP [ɔp] abbr.
original poster
dril. оконтуривающая (outpost well; скважина)
Gruzovik, mil. наблюдательный пункт (observation post); наблюдательный пост (observation post)
inet., ТС (топикстартер = original poster SirReal); топикстартер (сокр. от original poster; полное слово в русском в данном случае стилистически эквивалентно сокращению в английском: That's a common usage, but not OP's example. - ...не то, что в примере топикстартера. Glina); аскер (автор вопроса/темы на форуме; сокр. от original poster denghu)
med. амбулаторный пациент (сокр. от outpatient Jasmine_Hopeford); оригинальная упаковка (препарата; применяется просто как единица счисления упаковок Баян); остеопороз (SvetPo); операционная (operating room - сокращение встречается в разделе "место смерти" в свидетельстве о смерти США Tiny Tony)
O&G оконтуривающий (о скважине; out-post)
oil нефтяной коллектор (oil pay); добытый сверх установленной нормы (overproduced)
tech. оператор-наблюдатель дрона (Observer Pilot Johnny Bravo); operating panel = пульт управления, щит управления (romcobomco)
 ИOP abbr.
IT интеллектуальный процессор ввода-вывода
 op [ɔp] abbr.
gen. "оп-арт"; в стиле "оп"
abbr. часто Op от opus; детектив; оперативник; опус; сочинение; сыщик; в стиле оп-арта; действие
slang телеграфист
tech. ДМ
 op operation abbr.
Makarov. предприятие; процесс; работа; режим (работы); управление; функционирование; цикл (обработки); эксплуатация
math., Makarov. действие
 OP operator panel abbr.
mech.eng. панель оператора (Alex Lilo)
 English thesaurus
 OP [ɔp] abbr.
abbr. Office Products; Official Photographer; Official Publication; On Plan; Outside Partner; Obnoxious Preppie; observation post; Octave Plateau; Octo Pest; Off Privileges; Office of Preference; Office of Preparedness; Office Of Protector; Office of Protocol; OFFICEPOWER (office automation system, trademark of CCI); OFFICEPOWER office automation system, trademark of CCI; oil pump; oilproof; Open; operational programme (ВВладимир); open coat; operation plans; osmatic pressure; out of print (press); outside primary; Optimistic Protocols; Oracle9iAS Personalization (Oracle, DB); Orange Potatoes; Order of Preachers; Original Poster (DFUE-Slang, Usenet); Orthogonal Polynomials; Other Procurement; out-of-print; Outperform (Andrey250780); package; The Old Prison; Out of Print
abbr., agric. ophthalmoplegia; organophosphorus
abbr., avia. opalescent; opposite; outer perimeter; optical panoramic camera
abbr., avia., med. otolith pressure
abbr., biol. osmotic pressure
abbr., biotechn. oligonucleotide polymorphism
abbr., bot., scient. Open Pollinated
abbr., busin. Operation and management (shkhalakhov); old pattern; old price s; open cover; order people's money; original premium; overproof; overpaid
abbr., comp., IT Open Platform; Open Plug
abbr., overpowered (Plasticine)
abbr., dentist. occlusal-palatal inlay (MichaelBurov); OP-onlay (MichaelBurov)
abbr., opal; open pit; orbital parameters; ore pass; organic particulate phosphorus; organic phosphorus; organophosphates; orientation points; ortho-phosphate; orthopyroxene; osmotic potential; outwash plain; over proof; oxygenic photosynthesis
abbr., econ. open policy; old price; express paid
abbr., electr.eng. oil-proof
abbr., file.ext. Optical
abbr., fin. operating profit (Метран); outward processing
abbr., food.ind. Orange Pekoe
abbr., health., med. On Program
abbr., inet. original poster (a person who starts a new thread to post their question on the Internet denghu)
abbr., IT Operator Panel; Outline Processor
abbr., Makarov. orbiter payload
abbr., med. Orthostatic Proteinuria; Osteoporosis; Other Peoples; Oscillating Plumbism (Medical note referring to a patient deemed to be 'swinging the lead'-meaning that the patient's sickness or injury is not genuine, he/she merely has an aversion to work. Interex); original package (препарата, товара; применяется просто как единица счисления упаковок Баян); OPtometry
abbr., media. Orthographic Projection; Out Of Print; Outstanding Performer
abbr., mil. Observation Post; Operating Plan; Operations; Opportunity Profile; Overall Position; output; operational publication (USN); ordnance publication
abbr., nautic. outport
abbr., O&G, sakh. operating pressure
abbr., O&G, tengiz. output value (Yeldar Azanbayev)
abbr., oil oil pay; outpost (well); overproduced; oil payment; oil producer; on passage; operation post; optical pyrometer; original porosity; out of print ing; outer panel; output phase; output plane; output point; output power; over pressure; over pull; overburden pressure; overriding problem; Ozark Plateau
abbr., oncol. Oncotic Pressure; Out-Patient
abbr., Olive Production Committee
abbr., pest.contr. oil dispersible powder; organophosphorus pesticide
abbr., physiol. Occlusal Plane; Open Palm; OPeration; Organising Pneumonia; OroPharyngeal; OroPharynx; OsteoPorosis
abbr., physiol., med. Occiput Posterior; Operation; Out Patient
abbr., polygr. out of print (Captain-M)
abbr., polym. old-pattern
abbr., post Optional Procedure mailing system
abbr., qual.cont. order point
abbr., scottish Oil Pressure; Operator's Panel
abbr., space operations preparation; optical positioner; orbit parameters; order production; organic polymer; organometallic polymer; oxygen purge; orbital period
abbr., sport. Open Position; open position; outside partner
abbr., tech. out-of-phase (bonly)
abbr., typogr. overprint
energ.ind. operating permit; operating procedures; operation phase; overpressure; oxidation pond
mil. observation plane; observation point; office of personnel; open point; operating plan; operating procedure; operation order; operation plan; operational performance; operational phase; operational plan; operational post; operational priority; operational procedure; operational project; ordnance pamphlet; ordnance personnel; outline plan; outpatient
mil., abbr. outpost
tech. object processor; operating room; optical probe; optimization process; out-post; output printer; oxygen pressure
 OP3 abbr.
abbr. Overt Peacetime PSYOP Program
abbr., scottish Operation d'Amelioration de l'Autodefense Antimissile (French Navy)
 OP- abbr.
abbr. open
 OP2 abbr.
abbr., post Canadian phosphor lithographic ink (1972 Ottawa trials per PMSC 30/54)
 OP. abbr.
abbr., lat. Optimus ("excellent", "supremely good")
 OP4 abbr.
abbr., post Canadian phosphor gravure ink (1972 Ottawa trials per PMSC 30/54)
 op [ɔp] abbr.
abbr. operating; operation; operational; operator; opposition
agric. optimus Overpowered (т.е. юнит, заклинание ит.д., имеющие повышенную эффективность за свою стоимость Fruupp5122)
O&G opaque
 op. abbr.
abbr. opposite; optimal
 øP abbr.
abbr., ophitic
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