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akin tostresses
gen. сходный с (While visiting the famed home of the legendary cryptid, Dakota Frandsen reportedly caught sight of a strange shape lurking in the waters near the iconic Urquhart Castle which sits on the shore of Loch Ness. Upon closer inspection, Frandsen made the curious observation that the large, dark anomaly seemed to possess skin akin to that of a hippopotamus. coasttocoastam.com ART Vancouver); схожий с (In the video, a dog lurking on a dimly lit road is being taken aback by something approaching it from off-screen. When the oddity comes into view, it appears to be a human-sized creature walking on all fours in a manner akin to a crab. coasttocoastam.com ART Vancouver); наподобие (She referred to the idea of the "electrome"-- our body's individual bioelectric system, and how every cell in the body has a voltage akin to a tiny battery. • He considers the Chinese Communist Party to be a "transnational criminal organization" akin to the Mafia that has committed crimes against its own people and humanity in general. coasttocoastam.com, coasttocoastam.com ART Vancouver); по типу (Europe's leaders cannot decide if the eurozone is a federation akin to the United States or a group of independent states. MargeWebley)
Игорь Миг сопоставимый с; тождественный
account. не оставляющий выбора (akimboesenko)
Makarov. сродни (someone – кому-либо)
obs. аки (Mr.Gone)
akin to something
gen. похожий на что-либо близкий (к чему-либо); похожий на что-либо близкий (к чему-либо)
Makarov. близкий (к чему-либо); похожий (на что-либо)
As multiplication is related to the concept of "repeated addition", the exponentiation involving integers is akin to
math. родственный ("repeated multiplication")
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