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comp., MS Р / К (A group of posting accounts that show the amounts customers owe for services or sales made on credit)
med. все группы риска
O&G, casp. сколько требуется (на чертеже Snapper)
O&G, sakh. счёта дебиторов (Accounts Receivable); счёта к получению (Accounts Receivable)
gen. "артисты и репертуар" (Artists and repertoire suburbian); подразделение звукозаписывающей компании, занимающееся поиском новых исполнителей (Artists and repertoire suburbian)
O&G Abandonment and Recovery = сброс и подъём (трубопровода на дно/со дна alex-kov); Abandonment and Recovery = сброс и @подъём (трубопровода на дно/со дна alex-kov)
insur. "все риски"
O&G, sakh.a. в состоянии поставки (As Received – worldcoal.org Lighto_Versus)
fin. дебиторская задолженность
 English thesaurus
abbr. alternate route (lxu5); aspect ratio; cross-sectional area
abbr., avia. aerial refueling; altitude rate; audio reproducer
abbr., busin. advice of receipt; at the rate (of)
abbr., econ. all risk
abbr., mil. acquisition radar (цели)
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. Accounts Receivable
abbr., O&G, sakh. abandonment and recovery; accounts receivable retrievable
abbr., O&G, sakh.a. accounts retrievable
abbr., oil account receivable; acknowledgement of receipt; all risks; annual return; aromatics/resin; as required
abbr., opt. anti-reflection (sixthson)
abbr., pipes. abandonment and recovery (MichaelBurov)
abbr., scottish Accept / Refuse message
abbr., textile all rail
int.transport. all risks (insurance)
meteorol. at the rate of
mil. armed reconnaissance
tech. availability/reliability
abbr. annual returns (Vosoni); Anno Rgni
abbr., earth.sc. active ratio; as received
abbr., econ. acknowledgement of receipt; all risk; advice of receipt
abbr., expl. aromatic ring
abbr., insur. All risks; Antwerp or Rotterdam
abbr., libr. annual report
abbr., slang armed robbery
abbr., tech. area reduction (Jenny1801)
chem. analytical reagent grade
law anno regni
abbr. Artist and Repertoire; Audit and Review (Yeldar Azanbayev); Artists and repertoire (nerzig)
abbr., mil., avia. assembly and repair
abbr., oil abandonment & recovery; air and rail; analysts and researchers; arithmetic and register; assembly and recycle
abbr., pipes. abandonment and recovery (MichaelBurov)
abbr. against all risks; analytical reagent (Vosoni); annual return (report Vosoni); acid-resisting
abbr., econ. against risk
abbr. against all risks; at rate of
abbr., econ. all-round (prices)
abbr., oil all-round
agric. at the rate
abbr. approved/repairs (Interex); audio reproducer (Interex); Antiversion / Retroversion (kovlant21)
abbr., earth.sc. arfvedsonite-riebeckite
abbr. assembly and repair
A.R. N.S.W.
abbr., law Industrial Arbitration Reports, New South Wales
Ar [ˌeɪǝn'ɑː(r)]
abbr., med. relative atomic mass
tech. author-to-reader
A. R. D: 7 phrases in 5 subjects