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AVL | automated vehicle location - only individual words found
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 AVL abbr.
abbr. сбалансированное по высоте дерево, AVL-дерево (AVL Tree (named after its founders: Adelson, Veiskii and Landis) Lena Nolte)
 aVL abbr.
med. усиленное отведение от левой руки (augmented voltage left tempomixa)
 English thesaurus
 AVL abbr.
abbr. Absent Voters List; automatic vehicle location (АД Alexander Demidov); automobile vehicle locator (nastaika); audio-video library
abbr., avia. Asheville, North Carolina USA; automatic volume control (Interex)
abbr., busin. available
abbr., el. audio video library; audio-visual language
abbr., file.ext. AVL Tree (named after its founders: Adelson, Veiskii and Landis)
abbr., fishery authorized vessels list
abbr., inet. Alabama Virtual Library
abbr., law Automated Vehicle Locator System
abbr., med. Unipolar Limb Lead On The Left Arm In Electrocardiography
abbr., mil. anti-vehicle land mine; assign variable location
abbr., mil., avia. address validity
abbr., mil., WMD approved vendor list
abbr., oil acoustic velocity log; angle versus length; Antelope Valley limestone; compensated acoustic velocity log
abbr., railw. Aroostook Valley Railroad Company
abbr., scottish Armoured Vehicle, Light; Automated Vehicle Location
abbr., st.exch. Aviall, Inc.
abbr., telecom. automatic vehicle location system
abbr., tradem. Adelson, Velskii, and Landis
abbr., transp. Automatic Vehicle Location
meteorol. average length
mil. approved vendors list
tech. avionics verification laboratory
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