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chem. химически чистый (MichaelBurov)
Gruzovik, econ. провоз оплачен (carriage paid); за перевозку уплачено (carriage paid); чартер-партия (charter party); договор о страховании судна (charter party)
dril. шурф под направление и амбары для бурового раствора (cellar and pits)
O&G, karach. Отдел контрактов и закупок (Contracts and Procurement (ОКЗ) bumblbee89)
O&G, tengiz. система управления и электроснабжение (Control & Power mtapili)
oil шурф под шахтное направление и амбары для бурового раствора (cellar and pits)
O&G, karach. отдел по договорной работе и закупкам (Aiduza); ДРиЗ (Aiduza); отдел ДРиЗ (Aiduza)
dent.impl. коммерчески чистый (MichaelBurov); технически чистый (MichaelBurov)
el.chem. х.ч.
phys. сантипуаз (единица измерения вязкости (Па*с) Darkwing duck)
gen. скопировать и вставить (WiseSnake); "копи-пейст" (WiseSnake); копипаст (WiseSnake)
nautic. charter party, договор морской перевозки, договор о фрахтовании судна (Смирнов Михаил)
 English thesaurus
abbr. Code of Procedure; Commissioner of Patents; Common Pleas; Court of Probate; Customs of Port; carriage paid (Vosoni)
abbr., chem. chemically pure (MichaelBurov)
abbr., commer. captain's protest; cheque postal
abbr., centipoise; current paper
abbr., insur. Customs of the port
abbr., met. chemically pure
abbr., mining. calorific power; casing pressure; cement through perforations; cost price
insur. carriage paid
abbr., avia. cleaning painting (Interex)
abbr., busin. capacity of production; concrete pump; counter purchase
abbr., commer. customs of port
abbr., mil. control panel
abbr., mining. contract price
abbr., nautic. Charter Party (Ася Кудрявцева)
abbr., oil check point; cordless phone
abbr., telecom. coding/picture
law charter-party
abbr. Characteristics and Performance; Compensation and Pension
abbr., busin. carriage and packing
abbr., Chemicals and Phosphates Ltd
abbr., logist. Contracts & Procurement (Yeldar Azanbayev)
abbr., mil. Collection and Processing
abbr., O&G, casp. control and power (Yeldar Azanbayev)
abbr., oil cellar and pits
abbr., transp. Conditions and Performance
abbr. Colgate-Palmolive
abbr., Circum-Pacific
mil. Counterproliferation
 C & P
abbr. care and preservation; collection and processing; cost and performances
abbr., mil. Command and Control Planning; command and control protection
abbr., scottish Command & Control Processor
abbr. National Center for Policy Research for Women and Families
abbr. Carrington and Payne's Nisi Prius Reports
abbr., telecom. carrierless amplitude/phase modulation
abbr., avia. combat core certification professionals
 C P
st.exch., abbr. CP
abbr. commercially pure (MichaelBurov); caloric power; candle power; cathode polarization; center of pressure; centre of pressure (Vosoni); circular pitch; close-packed; constant pressure (Vosoni); controllable pitch; constant pitch; construction permit
abbr., commer. compare; captain; coupon
abbr., circular polarization; cycle per second; cycles per second
abbr., econ. charges paid
abbr., met. closed packed
abbr., phys. circularly polarized
mining. candle-power; constant potential
abbr. carport; custom of port; custom of the port
abbr., oil charge paid; condition precedent
electr.eng. constant power
abbr., computer
mining. candle-power
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