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 Agenda 21 n
gen. "Повестка дня 21 век" (ABelonogov)
foreig.aff. Повестка дня на XXI век
O&G Повестка дня XXI века (MichaelBurov)
UN, biol., sec.sys. Повестка дня на ХXI век; Повестка дня на ХXI век: Программа действий для устойчивого развития
 Agenda [ə'ʤendə] n
rel., christ. Агенда (собрание формуляров, устанавливающих порядок и формы богослужения (A collection of documents establishing procedure for church service))
 2030 Agenda n
UN Повестка дня на период до 2030 года (Ivan Pisarev)
 Agenda: n
busin. Слушали: (agrabo)
 agenda [ə'ʤendə] n
gen. последовательность операций в ЭВМ; порядок дня; список; программа действий (Georgy Moiseenko); проблематика (в некоторых контекстах, например: energy agenda - энергетическая проблематика twinkie); назревший вопрос (Illinykh); назревшие вопросы (Illinykh); Органайзер (Дневник с датами, где вписываются планы, списки дел (to do lists), встречи, праздники Asya.Avetyan); профессиональная заинтересованность (eugenealper); личная заинтересованность (eugenealper); повестка дня (• The next item on the agenda is the publicity budget. • For the government, education is now at the top of the agenda (= most important). • In our company, quality is high on the agenda. • Newspapers have been accused of trying to set the agenda for the government (= decide what is important). • A copy of the agenda is circulated to delegates a month before the conference. • An 18-point agenda was drawn up for the meeting. • An expensive holiday is definitely off the agenda this year. • Child poverty has been pushed off the agenda. • He accused the government of having a hidden agenda. • I will put this on the agenda for the next meeting. • I'm not trying to push any agenda here. • Improving trade between the two countries will be top of the agenda at the talks. • Next on the agenda is deciding where we're going to live. • Safety at work is on the agenda for next month's meeting. • The college needs to draw up an agenda for change. • The party has a rather narrow political agenda. • The question of pay had been left off the agenda. • They were pursuing their own agenda. • We have a very full agenda of issues to discuss. • We have an agreed agenda for action. • We were following an agenda set by the students themselves. OALD Alexander Demidov); принцип (scherfas); список важных вопросов, идей, планов (Alex_Odeychuk); список важных вопросов для обсуждения на встрече, заседании (Alex_Odeychuk); политика (the things that a person or organization considers to be important and wants to solve or achieve, or their reasons for wanting to do something: "Agendas change with the times, as every CEO knows. economic/environmental/political agenda "The Senator's environmental agenda is negative for traditional energy producers, but positive for alternative energy producers. be at the top of/be high on the agenda "The plight of poorer countries is high on the WTO's agenda. "Like any businessman he has an agenda, and that should not be forgotten. set/lay out/establish an agenda "Company directors are attempting to lay out an agenda for reducing future financial risks. "I strongly suspect that the author has a hidden agenda. CBED Alexander Demidov); курс (1 a list of topics to be discussed at a meeting: The next item on the agenda is the publicity budget. ◇ The meeting has no formal agenda. 2 the things that sb thinks are important and wants to achieve; a plan of action: The problems of the banks were at the top of his agenda (= the most important matter for him). ◇ In our company, quality is high on the agenda. ◇ Some managers pursue their own agenda without considering their staff. ◇ Companies are no longer setting the agenda of (= making the decisions about) what customers want. OBED Alexander Demidov); намерения (1. a list of the subjects to be discussed at a meeting: • What's the first item on the agenda? • High on the agenda of today's meeting of the G8 is global warming. 2. a list of things that someone considers important or that they are planning to do: • The recent strengthening of the dollar - and how to stop it - should be at the top of the agenda. 3. hidden agenda someone's secret plan or aims, rather than the ones that they say that they have: • The union accused the company board of having a hidden agenda. LBED. the underlying intentions or motives of a particular person or group: Miller has his own agenda and it has nothing to do with football. NODE Alexander Demidov); ежедневник, записная книжка (He unzipped his inner pocket and showed the note in his slender agenda. КГА)
Игорь Миг тайные мысли; тайные намерения; цели; задачи; политический вектор (the Kremlin also finances nationalist parties that oppose the socially liberal agendas and immigration policies of the European Union. --- NI.17); вектор развития; идеи (this network supposedly pushes a conservative agenda.); порядок действий; взгляды (That distortion is promoted in Israel by those pursuing a narrow extremist agenda, who believe that a ceasefire in the West Bank will undermine support for that agenda.); круг вопросов ("Это не столько вопрос президентской повестки дня, сколько вопрос правоохранительных органов", - сказал Песков, отвечая на вопрос о том, как в Кремле оценивают произошедшее. tass.rf.17 ** Of course, Western leaders are all openly and admittedly working toward the same agenda. -/- The New American, США (2013)); стратегия (We will also continue to implement the sustainable development agenda.); приоритеты (Sentimental feelings are driving the government's agenda.); круг основных задач (Ageing is high on the EU's political agenda.); список мероприятий (Non-public presentations are not visible in the agenda); интересы (The Feds are pushing their own agenda.); планы (Problem is, he had his own agenda. *** The Feds are pushing their own agenda.); политический курс ("as power is shifting away from the West toward Asia, the West's ability to influence the agenda on a global scale is expected to be reduced."17NEWSWEEK)
AI. рабочий список правил (логического вывода в экспертной системе Alex_Odeychuk)
comp. список основных операторов
cultur. программа развития (for ... - чего-л. Alex_Odeychuk)
econ. круг важнейших вопросов (A.Rezvov); интерес (предмет заинтересованности A.Rezvov)
energ.ind. перечень основных мероприятий
fig. замысел (см. hidden agenda Artem Fedorov); умысел (Artem Fedorov); личный интерес (Kovrigin); личные цели (Kovrigin)
fig.of.sp. дневник (так в канадских школах Talmid)
fin. программа пребывания группы студентов (dimock)
IT план решения задачи; список основных операций; список основных операторов или операций; последовательность операторов; повестка совещания; перечень основных операций; план решения (задачи)
law предварительная повестка дня; пункты повестки дня
Makarov. скрытые планы; тайные планы; повестка дня (напр. конференции); список операторов (операций)
NATO повестка дня
notar. порядок дня (parliamentary practice)
oil повестка (в переносном значении-планы, цели serz)
progr. план действий (ssn)
tech. программа
telecom. план мероприятий (oleg.vigodsky)
 "Agenda 21" UN n
EBRD документ "Повестка дня на XXI век" (ООН raf)
 agenda [ə'ʤendə] n
comp., MS список операций (An ordered list of rule actions to be executed by the Rule Engine); расписание (A list or outline of things to be done or considered)
 agendum [ə'ʤendəm] n
gen. памятная книга; памятная книжка; список вопросов, требующих решения; список дел, требующих решения
Makarov. план (мероприятий); повестка дня (собрания); программа (работы); пункт в повестке дня
uncom. пункт повестки дня
 English thesaurus
 agenda [ə'ʤendə] n
gen. to set ~ 8 1 (Alexander Demidov); set (Alexander Demidov)
Agenda: 853 phrases in 71 subjects
Artificial intelligence2
Corporate governance1
Cultural studies2
Economic law1
Energy industry6
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development1
European Union4
Figure of speech3
Foreign affairs6
Foreign policy1
Gas processing plants1
Gold mining2
Health care2
Human resources2
Information technology8
International Monetary Fund8
International relations6
Mass media39
Name of organization2
News style3
Non-governmental organizations3
Notarial practice1
Oil / petroleum1
Oil and gas1
Project management1
Public relations2
Security systems2
Trade unions6
Uncommon / rare2
United Nations30
United States1
Work flow1