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 acorn ['eɪkɔ:n] n
forestr. ghindă
 English thesaurus
 ACORN ['eɪkɔ:n] abbr.
abbr. A Classification Of Residential Neighbourhood; A Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods; Abandoned Children and Orphans Resource Network; Afghan Children Organizing To Rehabilitate Nature; Alternative Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods; Associations Of Communities Organized For Reform Now
abbr., environ. Active Children Openly Representing Nature
abbr., media. A Classification Of Residential Neighborhood
abbr., mil. Aviation Construction Ordinance Radar Naval
abbr., oncol., med. Accelerated Community Oncology Research Network
abbr., opt. Advanced Communications Organization Research Network
abbr., polit. Alachua County Organization For Rural Needs
abbr., polym. automatic checkout and recording equipment
abbr., relig. A Classification Of Residential Neighborhoods; Association Of Community Organizations For Reform Now
abbr., scient. Arts Council Of The Rural Northwoods
mil. automated coder of report narrative; automated conversion routine
 ACORN ['eɪkɔ:n] abbr.
abbr., Makarov. a classification of residential neighborhoods