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 access ['ækses] adj.
commun., IT acces
comp., MS acces (To gain entry to memory in order to read or write data)
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 access ['ækses] abbr.
abbr. authorization
mil., abbr. aces; acs
USA In counterintelligence and intelligence use, a. a way or means of approach to identify a target; or b. exploitable proximity to or ability to approach an individual, facility, or information that enables target to carry out the intended mission (JP 2-01.2)
 ACCESS ['ækses] abbr.
abbr. Accessible Community Care Emergency Support Service; Advanced Communications For Cumbria And Enabling Sustainable Services; American Council for Collaboration in English Studies and Society; American-Canadian Connection for Efficient Securities Settlement; Arab Community Center For Economic And Social Services; Association Of Christian Continuing Education Of Schools And Seminaries; accessory; Automated CONARC Command Echelon Standard System
abbr., ed. A Comprehensive Center For Exceptional Student Services; Abilene Child Centered Educational Support Services; Achieving Continuing Career Education For Success And Satisfaction; Acta Citc Canadian Educational Standards System; Adult Commuter Center Evening Student Services; Aids Counseling Community Education And Support Services; Animals For Community Care And Emotional Support Society; Applied Certification Courses For Education Of Special Students; Austin Collaborative Of Cultural And Educational Sites And Schools
abbr., IT automatic computer-controlled electronic scanning system (ssn)
abbr., med. Automated Cervical Cell Screening System
abbr., nautic. Automatic Computer-Controlled Electronic Scanning System
abbr., physiol. A Case Control Etiology Sarcoidosis Study
mil. automatic card control entrance security system
tech. aircraft communications control end electronic signaling system; automated control and checking of electrical systems support
 ACCESS ['ækses] abbr.
abbr., avia. automated control and checking for electrical system support
abbr., IT automated computer controlled electronic scanning system
abbr., oil Allied Chemical Corporation's Energy Saving System
abbr., progr. automatic computer controlled electronic scanning system (ssn)
abbr., space assembly concept for construction of erectable space structures; automated control and checking of electrical system support
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