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 20-20-20 targets n
environ. obiectivele "20-20-20"
 target ['tɑ:gɪt] n
comp., MS destinație (A Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path that corresponds to a namespace root or folder); țintă (As one aspect of a KPI, the desired level of performance with respect to a specific business goal or strategy. Actual values are evaluated against the target to determine KPI score and status)
 English thesaurus
 target ['tɑ:gɪt] abbr.
abbr. targ
IT Person or asset selected as the aim of an attack
mil., abbr. ta; tar; tet; tg; tgt; trg
tech., abbr. trgt
USA An entity or object that performs a function for the adversary considered for possible engagement or other action. see also objective area; In intelligence usage, a country, area, installation, agency, or person against which intelligence operations are directed. see also objective area; An area designated and numbered for future firing. see also objective area; In gunfire support usage, an impact burst that hits the target (JP 3-60) see also objective area
 TARGET ['tɑ:gɪt] abbr.
abbr. Tourism Assessment And Resource Growth Evaluation Team; Trans european Automated Real time Gross settlement Transfer System; Travel Awareness Regional Groups For Environmental Transport
abbr., bank. Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer System (ADENYUR)
abbr., ed. Tutoring Academics Recreation Guidance Enrichment And Technology
abbr., inet. The Annual Rec Gambling Entry Tournament
abbr., mil. Time For Audit Review Guidelines Education and Training; Theater-level Analysis, Replanning and Geopolitical Toolbox; Training and Rehearsal Generation Toolkit
abbr., physiol., med. Treatment Adequacy Review For Gaining Enhanced Therapy
abbr., st.exch. Team Approach Regarding Gang Enforcement Techniques
abbr., transp. Transportability Analysis Reports Generator
energ.ind. thermal advanced gas-cooled reactor exploiting thorium
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