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 2-in-1 prep.
comp., MS 2-în-1 (A computer that has properties both of a tablet and a laptop)
 English thesaurus
 in [ɪn] abbr.
abbr. inclination; income (Vosoni); interest
abbr., incaite; increase
cartogr. inches
slang fashionable (The tie you are wearing is really in)
 in2 abbr.
abbr., square inch
 in. prep.
polym. inch; indigo
 in3 abbr.
abbr., cubic inch
 IN [ɪn] abbr.
abbr. Director of Intelligence (also A2; Air Force Component); identification number (Yuriy83); Indiana Northeastern Railroad Company; Individual Network (e.v., organization, ISP); Indonesian; Influence Net; Infonet Services Corporation; Ingress Node; Input Byte or Word; Instrument Specialties; Intelligent Network (AIN); International Negotiations; International NOTAM Office; intranasal
abbr., biol. insoluble nitrogen
abbr., cinema interpositive (q3mi4)
abbr., commun. intelligent network
abbr., comp., net. information network
abbr., electr.eng. insulator
abbr., file.ext. Installation file (HP NewWave)
abbr., geogr. Indiana (Vosoni)
abbr., med. Interstitial Nephritis; intranasal (via intranasal(IN)route Maggotka)
abbr., mil. Air Force component intelligence officer (staff); impulse noise
abbr., polit. India
abbr., polym. iodine number
abbr., scottish Indian Navy; Inertial Navigator; India (NATO country code); Indiana (US state)
abbr., soil. inundic phase
mil. inertial navigation; infantry; input; instructor; instructor navigator; instrument note; intelligence; internal note; interpreter; item name
milk. Intranasally
O&G input terminal
tech. inertial; information notice; inlet; integrated navigation computer; interception; intermittent noise
 In [ɪn] abbr.
abbr. Indian; nominal current (MichaelBurov); rated current (MichaelBurov); Indium
 IN3 abbr.
abbr., IT Harvard Graphics 3.0 Input device driver
 in up 3 prep.
O&G, sakh. cubic inch
 IN$ abbr.
abbr., IT Installation file
 in up 2 prep.
O&G, sakh. square inch (es)
 in [ɪn] abbr.
abbr. tort (Andrew5)
 In [ɪn] abbr.
abbr., space heater current; mean horizontal candle power
 2-in-1 A computer that has properties both of a tablet and a laptop abbr.
abbr., comp., MS 2 in 1
 IN [ɪn] abbr.
abbr., busin. inch; indigo; inlet valve; item number
abbr., ice nuclei; inclinometer; Indiana (US); indicated number; inner zone; instrumentation notice; intrinsic curvature
abbr., med. intranasal (Denis_Sakhno)
abbr., oil incompatibility number; indentation number; inert navigation; intelligent work; interconnecting network; injector; inner neritic (sea)
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