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gen. Turcia, fosta Republică iugoslavă a Macedoniei*, Muntenegru*, Islanda+ și Serbia*, țări candidate, Albania și Bosnia și Herțegovina, țări din cadrul procesului de stabilizare și de asociere și potențiale țări candidate, Liechtenstein și Norvegia, țări AELS membre ale Spațiului Economic European, precum și Ucraina, Republica Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaidjan și Georgia, se aliniază prezentei declarații. brbr*fosta Republică iugoslavă a Macedoniei, Muntenegru și Serbia continuă să facă parte din procesul de stabilizare și de asociere. brbr+ Islanda continuă să fie membru al AELS și al Spațiului Economic European.
med. dispozitiv medical pentru diagnostic in vitro conservare ex situ
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agric., chem. cletodim
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agric., chem. cletodim
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agric., chem. cletodim
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ecol., forestr. sechestrarea carbonului
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abbr. language translation; left tackle; light; limit; logic theory; long ton; low temperature; low tension
agric. lint
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abbr. Leadership Team; Life Teen; Lithuanian; Local Time; Looney Tune; Lake Terminal Railroad Company; Lake Tomahawk; Landscape Technician; Lap Time; laundry tray; Lead Trainer; Legal Terms ( Alexander Demidov); Leroy Thompson; Leyland Transmission; Light And Tough; Lower Tribunal (proz вк); Light Table 2 Light; Light Touring; light trap; Link Trailer; Little Tash; Little Terror; Little Tony; Little Tracey; Logical Terminal (IBM); long term (Ася Кудрявцева); Losing Teeth; Lower Tester (ISO 9646-1); Luxury Tourer; Long Ton; Low Tension
abbr., agric. laryngotracheitis
abbr., AI. Logic Theorist
abbr., AmE Living Together (Anglophile)
abbr., auto. light-truck
abbr., avia. layout template; litre; level trigger
abbr., avia., med. laterotorsion; long-term
abbr., biol. labile to temperature
abbr., busin. landed terms; Laplace transformation; Letter of Trust; transportation
abbr., comp., net. laptop
abbr., labrador trough; lag-time; lateritic terraces; local time-step; low-alumina tholeiite; lower tertiary rocks; lower torridonian; Lower Triassic Rocks; Turkish Lira
abbr., ed. Learning And Teaching
abbr., el., scient. Lower Threshold
abbr., energ.ind. low-tension (Yuriy83)
abbr., exhib. long twin
abbr., insur. Tropical timber load line
abbr., IT Less Than; Line Termination; Load Test; line terminator; less then
abbr., law Learn The Truth
abbr., leukotriene
abbr., Makarov. less than
abbr., med. Lantern Test - Shine A Torch In The Subject's Mouth And The Eyes Light Up (no Brain); lag time (iwona)
abbr., meteorol. lead time (Киселев)
abbr., mil. Leadership Training; Leuitenant, United States Navy; Light; Long Term; Laptop (computer); Line Telecommunications; Look-Through; local terminal
abbr., mol.biol. lymphotoxin (igisheva)
abbr., nautic. Liner Terms
abbr., O&G leak testing (carp)
abbr., O&G, casp. leadership team (Yeldar Azanbayev)
abbr., O&G, sakh. long ton (2,240 pounds, 1.016 metric tons)
abbr., oil lost or loose compacts or teeth; lost teeth (andrushin); lower tubing; light terminal; light wall (of pipe); line telephone; long interval timer; long tons; low tide; Lower Tertiary; lower Triassic; Lower Tuscaloosa; lug terminal
abbr., oil.proc. level transmitter (Alexey Lebedev)
abbr., ophtalm. laser trabeculoplasty (лазерная трабекулопластика doc090)
abbr., physiol. Left Tit
abbr., physiol., med. Lactate Threshold; Left
abbr., piez. LT; tantalate de lithium; Lithiumtantalat; tantalato di litio; tantalan litu
abbr., polit. Lithuania; Lesotho
abbr., polym. low-temperature
abbr., progr. logical terminal (ssn)
abbr., qual.cont. longterm
abbr., scient. Landsat Thematic; Learning Technologies
abbr., scottish Laser Transmitter; Light Transportable
abbr., space lander tankers
abbr., sport. LaDainian Tomlinson; Lawrence Taylor
abbr., tech. low torque; listening time
abbr., tradem. Lucent Technologies
abbr., transp. Fixed Light; Left Turn; Light Truck
abbr., virol. labile toxin
comp. line termination; local tandem
mil. laboratory test; land transportation; landing team; large tug; launch tube; launcher test; lead time; legal training; letter telegram; liaison technician; light tank; line telegraphy; line telephony
O&G lighting
tech. Laplace transform; leak testing; left telephone; letter; life test; logical track; long time
 Lt abbr.
abbr. lieutenant
abbr., med. light
energ.ind. fin spacing
 LT2 abbr.
abbr., mil., avia. live training transformation
 2Lt abbr.
abbr. Second Lieutenant
 Lt Но abbr.
abbr. light house
 1LT abbr.
abbr., mil. first lieutenant (Киселев)
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