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comp., MS Braz. 6to4
| be exceptionally serious
 be exceptionally serious
med. apresentar um caráter de gravidade excecional
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to [tu:] prep.
forestr. colar
6to4 prep.
comp., MS, Braz. 6to4 (An IPv6 transition technology that provides IPv6 connectivity to hosts that have a public IPv4 address)
 English thesaurus
TO [tu:] abbr.
abbr. take-off; Terrell Owens; Toronto; Central Imagery Tasking Office (NIMA; CITO Alex Lilo); tables of organization; Tactical Operations (Alex Lilo); Tactics Ogre (игра на PSX Alex Lilo); Take Over (internet relay chat Alex Lilo); tangible object (Alex Lilo); task organization (Alex Lilo); Taxation Office; technical organization (Alex Lilo); Telecommunication outlet (Амбарцумян); Telegraph Office; telephone operator (Alex Lilo); terminal objective (Alex Lilo); testing device; The Offspring (принятое сокращение названия музыкальной группы Alex Lilo); Theatre of Operations; Theatre Ontario (Alex Lilo); Thousand Oaks (Калифорния Alex Lilo); ticked off (Alex Lilo); time opening; timestamp ordering (Alex Lilo); title officer (Alex Lilo); Toaster Oven (название игрового форума Alex Lilo); Tocantins (Токантинс (река в Бразилии) Alex Lilo); Tocharian (linguistics Alex Lilo); toe (of bank; surveying Alex Lilo); top offer (Alex Lilo); top opened (can collectors Alex Lilo); Torino - Turin (Piemonte, Italy Alex Lilo); Torstai (Finnish: Thursday Alex Lilo); total order (Alex Lilo); tracking offset (Alex Lilo); Tractor Overseas (Ferguson tractors built under license in America Alex Lilo); Trade Option (Alex Lilo); Trade Order (Alex Lilo); telecommunications outlet (Alex Lilo); time out (Alex Lilo); Togo (Alex Lilo); Tonga top level domain (Alex Lilo); transmission owner power industry (Alex Lilo); travel order s (Alex Lilo); Traditional Orthography (Alex Lilo); Train Operator (NYC Transit Authority Alex Lilo); training officer (Alex Lilo); transfer orbit (Alex Lilo); transistor outline metal-can package (Alex Lilo); transport officer (Vosoni); transverse optical (Alex Lilo); traverse-optic (Alex Lilo); treat official (Alex Lilo); truncated octahedron (усеченный октаэдр Alex Lilo); turn over (Vosoni); turn-on (Alex Lilo); Tycoon Online (название сетевой игры Alex Lilo); Turn Over
abbr., avia. take off; tool order; try out; Tech Ops; Technical Operations
abbr., bank. telephone order
abbr., BrE Travelling Office
abbr., busin. Technical Operation; Telephone Office; time of opening; Transport Office
abbr., Canada Toronto, Ontario
abbr., earth.sc. topaz
abbr., econ. total outlay; total outstanding
abbr., el. time out; tap off; telecommunications operator; telecommunications output; terminal output; thermo - optic; timer overflow; timing offset; tin oxide; transmission only; transverse offset method; transverse optical phonon; trunk offering
abbr., el., scient. Transistor Outline package
abbr., electr.eng. total outage; transistor outline
abbr., energ.syst. transmission owner (MichaelBurov)
abbr., inet. Totally Obtuse
abbr., lab.eq. TracheOesophageal
abbr., mil. Table of Organization; Technical Order; Totally Obligated; table of organization
abbr., mil., WMD Task Order
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. top of...
abbr., oil Chad; temperature observation; turn off; turn out; tool open
abbr., opt. transistor outline package
abbr., pharm. tinctura opii
abbr., polit. Tonga; Togo
abbr., progr., IT Tactical Ops
abbr., scient. Total Outburst
abbr., scottish Teritorijalna Obramba (Slovenian Civil Defence (Yugoslavia)); Training Objective
abbr., soil. torric soil moisture regime
abbr., space time-off; time zero; tryout
abbr., sport., psychol. task orientation
abbr., st.exch. Tech Ops SEVCON, Inc.
abbr., telecom. telecom outlet (MichaelBurov); telecommunications outlet (MichaelBurov)
abbr., transp. Transportation Officer
comp. tandem office
ecol. threshold odor
invest. telegraphic order
meteorol. to... (place)
mil. tactical observer; tactical order; takeoff; tank officer; technical officer; technical order; test operation; theater of operations; tracking officer; traffic officer; trainer operations; transfer order; transportation office; transportation officer; transportation order; travel order; turnout
O&G toilet
tech. target of opportunity; telemetry oscillator; tractor drawn; transistor-outline package; transmitter oscillator; turbine operator; turnover
to [tu:] abbr.
abbr. notify (Changes must be notified to the chairman - AD Alexander Demidov)
abbr., agric. stocked in the legs; go out of production
abbr., inf. ter (sawwin_se)
O&G commence operations
To [tu:] abbr.
abbr. observed temperature
abbr., oil tonalite
sms 2
to. abbr.
abbr., chem. toluene
abbr., commer. turnover
abbr., earth.sc. take off
abbr., earth.sc. tourmaline
.to abbr.
file.ext. Tonga
TO [tu:] abbr.
abbr. tar oil
abbr., avia. theatre of operation; time off; total inlet temperature; total output; tooling order
abbr., med. old tuberculin; target organ; temperature oral; Theiler's Original; tincture of opium
To [tu:] abbr.
abbr., med. total estrogens
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