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 2, 4-D
agric. chem. 2,4-D
comp., MS Braz. 2D
comp., MS Braz. 3D
comp., MS Braz. D
IT investigação e desenvolvimento pré-normativos
| activities of the professions
 activities of the professions
econ. atividades das profissões liberais
EU. b) atividades de natureza comercial
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D [di:] abbr.
comp., MS, Braz. D (A game rating symbol developed by the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO))
IT investigação e desenvolvimento pré-normativos
3-D abbr.
comp., MS, Braz. 3D (Of, pertaining to, or being an object or image having or appearing to have all three spatial dimensions (length, width, and depth))
2-D abbr.
comp., MS, Braz. 2D (Existing in reference to two measures, such as height and width--for example, a two-dimensional model drawn with reference to an x-axis and a y-axis, or a two-dimensional array of numbers placed in rows and columns)
D20 abbr.
phys.sc. D2O; água pesada; óxido de deutério
2, 4-D abbr.
agric., chem. 2,4-D
 English thesaurus
D [di:] abbr.
abbr. Dallas; Day; December; Decimal; Degree; Department; Detroit; Duration; Dvd; Duh; census disclosure rule (Vosoni); D-indicator; darcy; dark; darkness; data; day; Deadness; debentures (Vosoni); Decayed; decreasing; Defenseless; Defibrillate; Deka; diameter of centre hole; Dies; Digitalis; Diligent; Dilute; Diopter (lens Strength); Dipshit; Disagree (in surveys Fesenko); Disciple; Disputation; distribution coefficient; doctor; Dominion Resources, Inc., of Virginia; draw (Vosoni); Dreamer; duchess; duke; Dumb; Dunce; Dungeon; Dutch; Dynamite; equivalent diameter; equivalent diameter of the unit; inside diameter of tubing; internal diameter of connecting pipe; PM, Applique (Integrator); riser diameter; tube diameter; Devonian (period); coefficient of fluid diffusion; declassified; destroyer; disclosure; distantly controlled; Douglas; draft (draught); drawing paper; drizzling rain; drop; Dublin; dump; Durham; electrostatic flux-density; mean draft; moderate dust; degree of curvature
abbr., agrochem. density
abbr., amer. Democrat
abbr., automat. depth of cut; double reduction unit
abbr., avia. danger area; drag; departure; drag loading; drift angle; deceleration; decision; decoder; delayed; deliverables; derated; derivation; differentiator; door; Douglas Aircraft Company
abbr., biol. dam; deciduous; descendant; dominant
abbr., BrE Dragoons
abbr., busin. dacron; danger; dawning; deadweight; Dean; debit; debtor; diesel engine; difference; directorate; ditch; dock; down; dozen; driver; dues; duodecimo
abbr., cartogr. declination; disputed (area); doubtful
abbr., chem. dextro; diphenylguanidine
abbr., commer. damage; Deutsche; dinar
abbr., comp., net., IT Data
abbr., earth.sc. dacite; daphnite; dawsonite; Debye (unit); deca-; decision analysis; deflection; degeneracy; delta; demal; depression; depth of well penetration; desert; detail; dickite; diorite; dissipation; ,d distance; divide; dolerite; donau; dong; downthrow; dunite
abbr., EBRD questionable value (raf)
abbr., el. delay; detector; dialog; digitizer; dimension al; dimerized; directivity; disconnect; dispersion; distortion; dopant; drive r; dropout; drop-out; dynatron
abbr., el., scient. Digital; Dynamic
abbr., electric. double contact
abbr., energ.ind. dead centre
abbr., energ.syst. distribution (MichaelBurov)
abbr., fishery total number of deaths
abbr., gen. Discontinue; Dulcamara
abbr., geophys. drift
abbr., insur. Displacement
abbr., IT Delete; Digit; Disaster; delete; differential; digit; diode; direct (Bricker); drum
abbr., med. Absorbed Dose Aspartic Acid; Aspartic Acid; Dermatologist; Dermatology (код больничного отделения Ying); Dermatologic; and C dilatation and curettage; right (opposite of left); diopter; dead (space gas; SUBSCRIPT); Dalton; diffusing (capacity); dihydrouridine (in nucleic acids); vitamin D potency of cod liver oil; dead space; Decimal Day; decree; deficit; dehydroepiandrosteron; Dental Branch; diffusion ability; dispensing patient; dorsal; duration of current flowing; potency of vitamin D
abbr., med., conv.notation. asparatic acid
abbr., med., lat. dexter; da
abbr., mil. Denied; total drift, data
abbr., mil., avia. D-band
abbr., mining. dust
abbr., nautic., scient. Depth
abbr., oil Darcy; decline; deliverability; depreciation; diffusion coefficient; dimensionless; daily; dead center; dead weight; deleted; delineation; depressurize; derivative; desk; detectability; detectivity; deviation control; diagram; diamagnetic; diamond; diaspore; diatom; diffusion; digit al; dimensional; direct drive; discharge; discount; document; dollar; domain; donor; draft; dual; dynamo; dyne
abbr., phys. angle of deviation; dielectric flux density; electric flux density; group of 3 Fraunhofer lines in the yellow of solar spectrum
abbr., physiol., med. Death; Diagnosis; Drug
abbr., police Detective
abbr., polym. depth; design; deuterium; diameter; distance; drawn
abbr., radio dangerous area (Leonid Dzhepko)
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Germany); Delta (phonetic alphabet); Durci (Hardened (against EMP) (France)); Time zone 52.5 E - 67.5 E (GMT -4)
abbr., sport. Defense; defeat
abbr., tech. total drift
abbr., transp. Diesel
abbr., vulg. dick (She wants the D! urbandictionary.com Shabe)
abbr., work.fl. descriptor
energ.ind., abbr. darcy; data; day; department; deuterium; differential; diffusion coefficient; digit; dimension; distribution coefficient; district; dose; equivalent diameter; equivalent diameter of the unit; inside diameter of tubing; internal diameter of connecting pipe; riser diameter; tube diameter
genet. dense matrix loop (dimock)
invest. debenture; defendant; department
meteorol., abbr. danger area (following by identification); dark; darkness; dead; decreasing
mil. dead airspace; deceased; decoy; defeated; delivery; depot; deputy; deserter; destroy; destroyed; died; dimension; director; display; dispose; district; division; drill; drone; duty
mil., med. dose
O&G derivative term
oil, abbr. Devonian period; Devonian system
tech. coefficient of diffusion; datum; deci; deflection plate; delay; demodulator; demonstration; deviation; dial; dielectric; differential coefficient; diffusing capacity; diffusivity; dilution; discharged; dispatch; dispenser; double line; electric displacement
wood., abbr. diameter of centre hole
d [di:] abbr.
gen. 500
abbr. date and month; down quark (MichaelBurov); down-quark (MichaelBurov); date; thickness; daughter; day; dead; decimeter; degree; delivered; deuteron; deutron; development; diameter of pin hole; digital; dime; double decker; double draft; Drain; dried; dry; dry basis; ty; inside diameter; disintegration constant
abbr., busin. deferred; demand; demy; denier
abbr., commer. ditto
abbr., earth.sc. diatoms; dike; diluvial; diopside; disordered; doublet; well diameter
abbr., med. density; deci-; dextrorotatory; dangerous; decomposition; decreased; desirable; distal; diversity; dyspnea; mean absolute between co-twins
abbr., med., lat. detur
abbr., mil. surface drift
abbr., oil discretionary; dividend
abbr., telecom. deci-
agric. deformation; dry cow
cartogr. double
mining. denarius
O&G annual production decline rate; decay; deep; depletion; dew point; differential separation; dip; displaced; drainage; exponent drilling exponent; geophone spread; penetration exponent
spectr. doublet (сокращение, принятое при характеристике спектра ЯМР. В отечественной практике функционирует аналогичное сокращение - "д" (дублет) Min$draV)
wood. d со стоящим перед ним числом служит для условного обозначения размеров гвоздей по длине (если число, стоящее перед d (но не превышающее 10), разделить на 4 и к частному прибавить 1/2, то получается длина гвоздей в дюймах, так (например, длина гвоздей 10 d = 3 дюймам))
d. abbr.
abbr. danger; dark; darkness; day; dead; deadweight; delete; delivery; delivered; dexter; differential; door; date; daughter; deceased
abbr., chem. dextrorotary
abbr., commer. deferred; demand; difference; dividend
abbr., earth.sc. decompose; deep; deformation; deluvial; derivation; deuteron; direct; ,d distance; thickness
abbr., econ. denarius
abbr., libr. diagram; died; drama
construct. 1. dead load
insur. Departure; pence; Penny
lat. Dies ("day")
med. degree; dorsal
mining. depth; ditch
polym. damping; deci-; derivative; dextrorotatory; dispersion; distance
D. abbr.
abbr. Digesta; Divisional Court; Dow; Dowling's Bail Court Reports; deuterium; development; diametric; discharge; dose; dynamo; denier
abbr., earth.sc. density; drawn
abbr., econ. draft
abbr., insur. Dangerous; Diameter of a propeller; Draught; Molded depth
abbr., lat. Decimus (a common Roman forename); Depositus ("laid to rest"); Divus ("divine"); Dominus ("Lord"); Dulcis ("dear one")
abbr., law District Court (federal)
abbr., libr. daily; deputy; dictionary; district; division; duodecimo (12mo); dutch
abbr., met. F.R.A. Drop Forging Research Association
abbr., mining. declination; diameter; diopter; director; District Inspector; dollar
abbr., qual.cont. double
invest. department
law defence; defendant; dictum
wood. rip saws for hardwood and saws for joineries
3D abbr.
abbr. 3-Dimensional
abbr., avia. three dimensional (print); three dimension (long, lat, alt)
abbr., el. triple diffused isolation process
abbr., expl. there-dimensional
abbr., med. diarrhea-dementia-dermatitis
abbr., oil three-dimension al
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Swaziland)
tech. three-dimensional
D2 abbr.
abbr. Dearborn Dynamic Toastmasters Club; Diesel Oil, 0.02% Sulfur
abbr., mil. Data Distribution
abbr., oil middle Devonian
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Angola); Dud Disposer
abbr., transp. Second Coast Guard District
2D abbr.
abbr. 2-Dimensional
abbr., avia. two dimension (long, lat)
abbr., el. double density
abbr., oil two-dimension al
abbr., telecom. two dimensional
tech. two-dimensional
3-D abbr.
abbr., comp., MS 3 - D (Of, pertaining to, or being an object or image having or appearing to have all three spatial dimensions (length, width, and depth)); 3D (Of, pertaining to, or being an object or image having or appearing to have all three spatial dimensions (length, width, and depth))
abbr., multimed. three dimensional
abbr., polym. three-dimensional
D5 abbr.
abbr., avia. DHL Aero Expreso
D3 abbr.
abbr., drug.name Vitamin D3
abbr., IT Third generation channel bank
D5 abbr.
abbr., med. Anti-microphtalmia Transcription Factor Antibody (for Diagnosis Of Clear Cell Sarcoma/malignant Melanoma Of Soft Parts); 5% Dextrose
D3 abbr.
abbr., mil. Decide, Detect, Deliver
2-D abbr.
abbr., mil. two-dimensional
abbr., multimed. two dimensional
D3 abbr.
abbr., oil late Devonian
2-D abbr.
abbr., scottish Two-Dimensional
D5 abbr.
abbr., transp. Fifth Coast Guard District
d- abbr.
abbr. deoxy-
D4 abbr.
abbr. density at 20°C refered to water at 4°C
2, 4-D abbr.
abbr., agric., chem. 2,4-D
5D abbr.
abbr., astronaut. Demand-Driven Direct Digital Dissemination; Demand-Driven Direct Digital Download
4D abbr.
abbr., avia. four dimension (long, lat, alt, time)
d- abbr.
abbr., chem. dextro
D- abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. dextro-; dextral
abbr., el. defect distribution; double-sided, double-density
D4 abbr.
abbr., IT Fourth generation channel bank
D1 abbr.
abbr., med. Prostatic Tumor With Microscopic Involvement Of Pelvic Lymph Nodes (Jewett Staging System)
D- abbr.
abbr., med. prefix indicating that a molecule is sterically analogous to D glyceraldehyde
d- abbr.
abbr., med. dextrorotatory
1D abbr.
abbr., oil one dimension al
4D abbr.
abbr., oil four-dimension al
D1 abbr.
abbr., oil early Devonian
5D abbr.
abbr., polit. Bering Sea
D4 abbr.
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Cape Verde)
1D abbr.
abbr., telecom. one dimensional
D1 abbr.
abbr., transp. First Coast Guard District
1D abbr.
energ.ind. one-dimensional
'd abbr.
inf. had; should; would (после I, you, he и т.п.)
0D1 abbr.
abbr. South Haven Regional Airport, South Haven, Michigan USA
3D4 abbr.
abbr. Frankfort Dow Memorial Field Airport, Frankfort, Michigan USA
40D abbr.
abbr. Three Lakes Municipal Airport, Three Lakes, Wisconsin USA
48D abbr.
abbr. Clare Municipal Airport, Clare, Michigan USA
8D1 abbr.
abbr. New Holstein Municipal Airport, New Holstein, Wisconsin USA
90D abbr.
abbr. Pine City Municipal Airport, Pine City, Minnesota USA
94D abbr.
abbr. Wells Seaplane Base, Schenectady, New York USA
96D abbr.
abbr. Walhalla Municipal Airport, Walhalla, North Dakota USA
9D0 abbr.
abbr. Highmore Municipal Airport, Highmore, South Dakota USA
9D2 abbr.
abbr. Harding County Airport, Buffalo, South Dakota USA
9D9 abbr.
abbr. Hastings Airport, Hastings, Michigan USA
d2 abbr.
abbr. outer diameter
abbr. chromatic dispersion coefficient
D79 abbr.
abbr., avia. Dart Airport, Mayville, New York USA
D87 abbr.
abbr., avia. Harbor Springs Airport, Harbor Springs, Michigan USA
2,4-D abbr.
abbr., biol. 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
D/А abbr.
abbr., bus.styl. days after acceptance
2,4-D abbr.
abbr., chem. aaherba
D₂ abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. Middle Devonian
1 - D abbr.
abbr., el. one-dimensional
3 - D abbr.
abbr., el. three-dimensional
ΔD abbr.
abbr., el. delta modulation
ωD abbr.
abbr., el. Debye frequency
2d abbr.
abbr., el. 2-dimension
30d abbr.
abbr., gen. thirty day
.dɪ abbr.
abbr., inf. subordinate (olga69)
D63 abbr.
abbr., IT Commodore 64 emulator disk file
/d abbr.
abbr., med. per day
D/- abbr.
abbr., med. daily total in divided doses
D 2 abbr.
abbr., med. ergocalciferol
D40 abbr.
abbr., med. uroselectan В
2.5D abbr.
abbr., multimed. two and one-half dimensional
D-8 abbr.
abbr., org.name. Developing-8
D50 abbr.
abbr., physiol., med. 50% dextrose injection
D6 abbr.
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Comoros)
D13 abbr.
abbr., transp. Thirteenth Coast Guard District
D17 abbr.
abbr., transp. Seventeenth Coast Guard District
0-D abbr.
abbr. Zero Dimensional
21D abbr.
abbr. Lake Elmo Airport, Lake Elmo, Minnesota USA
46D abbr.
abbr. Carrington Municipal Airport, Carrington, North Dakota USA
79D abbr.
abbr. Philippi/ Barbour County Regional Airport, Philippi, West Virginia USA
8D4 abbr.
abbr. Paul C. Miller - Sparta Airport, Sparta, Michigan USA
92D abbr.
abbr. Harlan Airfield Airport, Lagrange, Ohio USA
95D abbr.
abbr. Beulah Airport, Beulah, North Dakota USA
98D abbr.
abbr. Onida Municipal Airport, Onida, South Dakota USA
9D1 abbr.
abbr. Gregory Municipal Airport, Gregory, South Dakota USA
9D7 abbr.
abbr. Cando Municipal Airport, Cando, North Dakota USA
d1 abbr.
abbr. inner diameter
D20/4 abbr.
abbr. density at 20°C referred to water at 4°C
D48 abbr.
abbr., avia. Dundee Flying Club Airport, Dundee, New York USA
D56 abbr.
abbr., avia. Mayville Municipal Airport, Mayville, North Dakota USA
d/а abbr.
abbr., bus.styl. days after acceptance
D₁ abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. Lower Devonian
D₃ abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. Upper Devonian
0 - D abbr.
abbr., el. zero-dimensional
2 - D abbr.
abbr., el. two-dimensional
4 - D abbr.
abbr., el. four-dimensional
μD abbr.
abbr., el. microprocessor debugger
1d abbr.
abbr., el. 1-dimension
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