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n [en] abbr.
tech., law nano
N R abbr.
commun. N R; número de sequência em receção
 English thesaurus
N [en] abbr.
abbr. XYZ (Artjaazz); And; Avogadro number; electron n -type semiconductor material; Knight; Nada; Narrow; National Association of Deaf; National form (thread); National Science Foundation; Nationalistic; Natural; Naturalist; Nature; Navy; Navy Department; Near; Need; Negotiator; negro; Neither; neon; Nerd; Neutrino; neutron density; Newline; Newsletter; next; Nice; Night; night (flight); Nipple; No; no significant change; Nodes; Noise; None; Normative; Norms; North; North American; northern; Northern England; Notice; Nourishment; Novelist; Novels; nuclear; nucleon; Nucleophilic; number; Numerical; Nurse; Nutrition; The Nth; neper; nimbus; Norway; Norwegian; Technical Note
abbr., agrochem. nitrogen; nitrogenous
abbr., automat. node
abbr., avia. yawing moment; nacelle; newspaper; nonconformity
abbr., biol. asparagine; neutral
abbr., busin. navigate; net register; net weight; new; news; nichrome; note; November; number of items in a sample; numbers
abbr., cartogr. nun (buoy)
abbr., chem. Avogadro number (constant); mole fraction
abbr., dril. North pole
abbr., earth.sc. naira; nakhlite; nanoplankton; Nebraskan; nebulous; neutron number; nordmarkite; normal concentration; normal north; notch; nucleus; number density; number of specimens; revolution per unit time; strength of solution, normal
abbr., econ. net
abbr., el. normal; napier; nematic; neurocomputer; numeric al
abbr., fishery number of individuals of a cohort
abbr., logist. normal rate
abbr., mech.eng. modulus of rigidity; national form; number of teeth; revolutions per minute
abbr., med. Blood Factor In The MNS Blood Group System; Nerve; Neurology; Nucleoprotein; nitrogen; newton; naked; Neisseria; neuroaminidase; neurotensin; neutralization; nodes, lymph; nucleotide; Nursing Service
abbr., med., conv.notation. loudness; radiance
abbr., mil. number of required track spacings; number of search and rescue units (SRUs)
abbr., mil., WMD normal, equivalents of a reagent per liter of solution
abbr., mining. National Petroleum Association
abbr., nautic. nord <0.00°> (MichaelBurov)
abbr., oil nannofossil; nannoplankton; nappe; natural number; needle; negater; Neogene; nepheline; network; nil; nonproducer; norite; normal fault; normal force; note s; nothern; nozzle; number of turns; nylon
abbr., phys. newton
abbr., polym. normality; normalization; numeric; numerics
abbr., progr. number of bits
abbr., qual.cont. normalized
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (United States); November (phonetic alphabet); Time zone 7.5 W-22.5 W (GMT +1)
abbr., tech. number of SRUs; No insulation (TheFellowShipper)
abbr., telecom. Dolby B; newton; normal contact
energ.ind., abbr. neutron density; normality; nuclear; nucleon; number; numerics
int.transport., abbr. normal (rate classification)
meteorol., abbr. navigator; night (flight); no significant change; navigation
mil. navigation; navigator; nonself-propelled; nose; nuclear-powered, nuclear-propelled
O&G anode number
tech. mol fraction; molecular density; nano; navigational; normal solution; number of molecules; number of mols; principal quantum number; rate of transfer; rotational frequency; rotational rate; safety factor; transport number
tech., agrochem. nitrogenous
n [en] abbr.
abbr. atom density; name; national; nautical; naval; negative; nephew; neutron; neutron from scattering reaction; newborn; noon; norm; noun; number; overall unit efficiency; frequency; nano-; number of observation; ne; number of turns per unit time; neuter; verb neuter; haploid number; degree of freedom; gametic chromosome number
abbr., avia. load factor
abbr., chem. numbers of mols
abbr., earth.sc. nanofossil; normal shallow focal depth; number of observations; reflective index; theoretical plate number
abbr., el. nano-; next article
abbr., mech.eng. number of turns in unit time (revolutions per unit time)
abbr., med. nerve; nasion
abbr., sport. nets
agric. haploid number of chromosomes
biol. nail
gram. nominative
inf. no balls
med. nasal
O&G apparent Archie exponent; backpressure exponent; exponent; exponent of hyperbolic decline curve
O&G, sakh. speed of rotation
opt. refractive index
polygr. no place
polym. index of refraction
n. abbr.
abbr. note; notes (footnote, footnotes Vosoni); nail
abbr., commer. no value; nominal value
abbr., earth.sc. net; neutral; neutron; neutron number; next; number of mols; number of turns in unit of time
abbr., gram. noun (ssn)
abbr., libr. national; new
abbr., med. nerve
avia. northern latitude; north
mining. net weight
N. abbr.
abbr. Novellae; nasal; normal
abbr., earth.sc. negative; number
abbr., econ. norm
abbr., lat. Nonas ("Nones"; 2. Numero, "number")
abbr., met. normalized
abbr., tech. November; name
law no year; numbered
N2 abbr.
abbr. Director of Intelligence (Naval Component); NATO countries; Navy Staff Intellligence Officer
abbr., commun. U2
abbr., med. Breast Tumor Metastases To Ipsilateral Axillary Lymph Nodes Attached To Each Other Or To Other Structures (TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification)
abbr., oil Pliocene
abbr., polit. NATO Countries
N₁ abbr.
abbr., avia. engine fan speed; engine revolutions per minute; fan rotation speed; low pressure compressor; low pressure rotor speed; low speed compressor RPM
N1 abbr.
abbr., commun. Network Indicator / Network Interface; U1
N₁ abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. Miocene
N1 abbr.
abbr., inet. Nice One
abbr., med. Breast Tumor Metastases To Ipsilateral Axillary Lymph Nodes (TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification); Normal Subject
abbr., oil Miocene
abbr., tech. nuclear instrumentation
N₂ abbr.
abbr., avia. core engine RPM on percent; engine rotor speed; high pressure compressor speed (GE&PW); high pressure rotor speed (Rlls-Royce); intermediate speed compressor; intermediate speed compressor RPM
2n abbr.
abbr. diploid number (dimock)
8N1 abbr.
abbr. 8 bits , No parity bit , 1 (stop bit, MODEM, BIT); Grimes Airport, Bethel, Pennsylvania USA
2n abbr.
abbr. diploid
N₃ abbr.
abbr., avia. high pressure compressor; high pressure rotor speed (Rolls-Royce); high speed compressor RPM
N4 abbr.
abbr., commun. U4
N 10 abbr.
abbr., commun. N10; U10
9N abbr.
abbr., el. nine nines grade purity
2n abbr.
abbr., med., conv.notation. diploid number of chromosomes
N\# abbr.
abbr., numism. Newcomb Number; Newman Number
N4 abbr.
abbr., polit. Central America
9N abbr.
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Nepal)
Vcl N abbr.
abbr. clay content deduced from neutron rays
3N5 abbr.
abbr. Newton Airport, Newton, New Jersey USA
3N7 abbr.
abbr. Pemberton Airport, Pemberton, New Jersey USA
4N1 abbr.
abbr. Greenwood Lake Airport, Greenwood Lake, New York USA
8N0 abbr.
abbr. Rockingham County Heliport, Eden, North Carolina USA
8N4 abbr.
abbr. Flying Dollar Airport, Canadensis, Pennsylvania USA
91N abbr.
abbr. Turtle Lake Municipal Airport, Turtle Lake, North Dakota USA
99N abbr.
abbr. Bamberg County Airport, Bamberg, South Carolina USA
n/ abbr.
abbr. next
3n abbr.
abbr. triploid number; triploid
N- abbr.
abbr., chem. symbol indicating substitution on the nitrogen atom
N3 abbr.
abbr., commun. U3
N6 abbr.
abbr., commun. U6
N9 abbr.
abbr., commun. U9
N12 abbr.
abbr., commun. U12
N17 abbr.
abbr., commun. U17
N25 abbr.
abbr., commun. U25
μn abbr.
abbr., el. electron mobility
N S abbr.
abbr., IT Send Sequence Number
N-9 abbr.
abbr., lab.eq. Nonoxynol-9
N0 abbr.
abbr., med. No Breast Tumor Regional Lymph Nodes Metastases (TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification)
N3 abbr.
abbr., med. Breast Tumor Metastases To Ipsilateral Internal Mammary Lymph Nodes (TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification)
μN abbr.
abbr., med. micronewton
N-2 abbr.
abbr., mil. Director of Naval Intelligence; Navy component intelligence staff officer
N-4 abbr.
abbr., mil. Navy component logistics staff officer
N-6 abbr.
abbr., mil. Navy component communications staff officer
Vcl N abbr.
abbr., oil clay content deduced from neutron rays
n020 abbr.
abbr., phys. index of refraction
μN abbr.
abbr., phys. magnetic moment of proton (proton magneton)
5N abbr.
abbr., polit. Norwegian Sea
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Nigeria)
N, abbr.
abbr., space N'-diphenyl-p-phenylene diamine
n' abbr.
O&G flow behavior index
3N4 abbr.
abbr. Newark Heliport, Newark, New Jersey USA
3N6 abbr.
abbr. Old Bridge Airport, Old Bridge, New Jersey USA
3N9 abbr.
abbr. Alamo Navajo Airport, Alamo, New Mexico USA
4N2 abbr.
abbr. Middlesex Valley Airport, Middlesex, New York USA
8N2 abbr.
abbr. Skydive Chicago Airport, Ottawa, Illinois USA
8N8 abbr.
abbr. Danville Airport, Danville, Pennsylvania USA
92N abbr.
abbr. Steel Pier Taj Mahal Heliport, Atlantic City, New Jersey USA
9N7 abbr.
abbr. Farmers Pride Airport, Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania USA
"N" abbr.
abbr. neutral
N∞ abbr.
abbr. Rydberg's universal series constants
3-N abbr.
abbr., agric. bidrin
n- abbr.
abbr., chem. normal
N100 abbr.
abbr., chem.nomencl. polyisocyanate (silver_glepha)
N7 abbr.
abbr., commun. U7
N8 abbr.
abbr., commun. U8
N11 abbr.
abbr., commun. U11
N15 abbr.
abbr., commun. U15
N19 abbr.
abbr., commun. U19
7N5 abbr.
abbr., el. seven nines and a five grade purity
N-11 abbr.
abbr., fin. Next-11
.nə abbr.
abbr., inf. subordinate (olga69)
N R abbr.
abbr., IT Receive Sequence Number
N 1-12 abbr.
abbr., med. First To Twelfth Cranial Nerves
15N abbr.
abbr., med. radioactive nitrogen
N-1 abbr.
abbr., mil. Navy component manpower or personnel staff officer
N-3 abbr.
abbr., mil. Navy component operations staff officer
N-5 abbr.
abbr., mil. Navy component plans staff officer
N/2 abbr.
abbr., oil north half
N/4 abbr.
abbr., oil north quarter
N5 abbr.
abbr., polit. Caribbean Islands
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