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comp., MS Braz. DC; CC; DC, controlador de domínio
| high-speed circuit-breaker
 high-speed circuit-breaker
el.tract. disjuntor ultra-rápido
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DC adj.
comp., MS, Braz. DC (A data structure that defines the graphic objects, their associated attributes, and the graphic modes that affect output on a device); CC (Electrical current whose direction of flow does not reverse. The current may stop or change amplitude, but it always flows in the same direction); DC, controlador de domínio (In an Active Directory forest, a server that contains a writable copy of the Active Directory database, participates in Active Directory replication, and controls access to network resources)
 English thesaurus
DC abbr.
abbr. device coordinate; Dartmouth College; data concentrator; difficult communication; digit control; display control
abbr., amer. District of Columbia (schalom)
abbr., AMEX. detention center (igisheva)
abbr., avia. departure control; design control; design cost; development configuration
abbr., bank. Diners Club (киянка)
abbr., busin. deck cargo; deputy commission; deputy consul; diplomatic corps; disbursement clause; discount cash; distance controlled; division control; documents against cash; double concentric; dry cargo
abbr., chem. diphenylcyanoarsine
abbr., cinema director's cut
abbr., CNC Derivative Controller
abbr., comp. disc controller
abbr., comp., net. domain controller
abbr., dril. dead centre; direction current; driller's console
abbr., earth.sc. data classifier; declination; deep convection; deficit; dense concrete; depletion coefficient; development centre (OECD); diameter criterion; diffuse constant; double check valve; dry canyon; dynamic characteristics
abbr., exhib. distribution centre
abbr., IT data chaining
abbr., med. Dental Corps; Doctor of Chiropractic
abbr., met. direct chill; direct chilling
abbr., mining. direct cyaniding
abbr., oil damp course; deck covering; decoder connector; degree centigrade; delayed coker; delayed coking; density controller; Department of Commerce; depth counter; desktop computer; detector controller; detention clause; developed countries; developing country; development cycle; development well carbon dioxide; deviation clause; device check; device control; diesel car; diffusion coefficient; diffusion constant; digging cellar; digging cellar or digging cellar and slush pits; direct coupled; discret; dispersing coefficient; dispersion constant; distributary channel; distribution change; distribution coefficient; double cone (profile); double cylinder; downtime cost; downward continuation; drag coefficient; drain cock; drawing change; drill center; drilling and coring; drilling control; drilling cost; dry-cleaner's (solvent); dually completed; dust collector
abbr., patents. dependent claim (igisheva)
abbr., pigeon.race. Dark-checker
abbr., progr. device context (Alex_Odeychuk)
abbr., radio direct-coupling
abbr., space displays/controls; docking compartment; drag control
abbr., sport. diagonally to centre
oil, abbr. dry cleaning; double cone
1DC abbr.
abbr., oil one-dimensional correction
DC₁ abbr.
abbr., telecom. district center one
2DC abbr.
abbr., oil two-dimensional correction
DC₂ abbr.
abbr., telecom. district center two
DC abbr.
abbr. Denver, Colorado; Distribution Center; Damaged Crap; Data-to-Clock (jitter, DVD); Degree Celsius (o-george); Deputy Commissioner; detective constable (Letvik); Digital Control (Vosoni); defense counsel; district committee; double-contact (Vosoni); Dublin Core (meta data); dissociation constant
abbr., astronaut. Data Collection Centre Terminal; dust or space debris collector
abbr., automat. distance between centers; double column
abbr., avia. digital common (Interex); direction center; data coordinator; decompression chamber; DELTA change; depth change; descent; design calculations; design characteristics; design controllable; development center; differential calculus; disarmament commission; disassembly checking; discrepancy check; display controller; disposition code; Doppler correction; double cotton; down compatibility
abbr., BrE Defence Committee
abbr., busin. Demand Chain (Irene K.)
abbr., chem., scient. Dielectric Constant
abbr., comp., net. data channel
abbr., dat.proc. data communication
abbr., dril. drill collar
abbr., el. damping circuit; dark channel; data carrier; data cartridge; data chain; data compatibility; data compression; data compressor; data converter; data correction; deadlock condition; debit card; decision criteria; decoding circuit; dedicated channel; default condition; design concept; design criteria; device contention; dielectric continuum model; differential code; differential cryptanalysis; digital camera; digital certificate; digital communications; digital convergence; dimmed command; disconnect confirm; disk cache; disk capacity; disk change; dispersion compensation; displacement collision; displacement current; display control ler; double cassette (recorder); double-channel; double-clad structure (fiber); double-crucible (process); double crystal; downward compatibility; driver cell; driving circuit; drop cable; dummy character; duplex channel; disk changed
abbr., el., scient. Don't Care
abbr., electr.eng. direct connection
abbr., file.ext. Data Control
abbr., fin. Diversity Council; Development Committee; Office of Executive Secretary, Joint Development Committee
abbr., hist. Domestic Council
abbr., immunol. dendritic cell (MichaelBurov)
abbr., inet. Don't Come
abbr., int.transport. delivery clause (Yuriy83)
abbr., IT Data Communication; Disconnected; data center (Enotte); data centre (Enotte); device context (Bricker); direct control; desktop conference; decimal classification; deposited carbon; digital comparator
abbr., lab.eq. Disrupt Chemistry
abbr., law District Court
abbr., math., scient. Doesn't Care
abbr., med. dc Discontinue; Dendritic Cells; daily census; defibrillator; deoxy cholate; diagnostic code; diphenylarsine cyanide; display console; distocervical; donor's cells
abbr., mil. Direct Current; diphenylcyanarsine (Киселев); Duty Cycle; Deputies Committee; direct current; Directorate of Counterintelligence (DIA); dislocated civilian; decisive condition; Defence Council; Defense Council; Drill and Ceremonies; deployable capability
abbr., mil., avia. damage control
abbr., mil., WMD Design contractor; Direct cost
abbr., mining. Dorr classifier; downcast
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. design class
abbr., O&G, sakh. Direct Construction
abbr., oil dead center; delivery capacity (the total daily rate that seller maintains and can deliver on demand over an extended period to buyer); diamond core; decontamination; depth correction; dual completion; dually complete
abbr., pest.contr. dispersible concentrate
abbr., physiol., med. Disc; Discharged
abbr., polym. degree of crystallinity; double-coated; digital computer
abbr., progr. diagnostic coverage (ssn)
abbr., scottish Detection Centre for missile system; Diphenylcyanoarsine (Chemical warfare vomiting agent); direct current (electricity)
abbr., securit. daisy chaining
abbr., soil. drought code
abbr., tech. Design Council
abbr., transp. Dry Cube (Deel)
abbr., UN Developing Countries
abbr., USA District of Criminals
abbr., welf. defined contribution (As in "DC type pension plan" - пенсионная программа с установленными взносами" Alexander Oshis)
ecol., abbr. dissolved organic carbon
energ.ind., abbr. development cost; direct coupling; direct-current; direct-cycle; double-column; downcomer; drain cooler; dump condenser
FBI., abbr. Detcom
invest. district court
mil. data code
mil., abbr. data collection; death certificate; delay code; depot company; depth charge; depth of crater; deputy chief; deputy commander; design change; detachment commander; development characteristics; development coordinator; digital code; direct command; directional control; disarmament conference; disaster control; dispatcher console; dissemination control; distribution center; divisional commander; document control; document, confidential; dual core; dual-capable; duty controller
O&G, abbr. diagnostic coverage factor
physiol., abbr. Discharge; Discontinue
tech., abbr. confidential document; data call; data cell; data communications; data conversion; data counter; decade counter; decanter; degrees Celsius; delay circuit; design completion; desk calculator; desk computer; desktop conferencing; detonating cord; device code; diagnostic center; difficult communications; digital clock; direct cycle; direct-coupled; directional coupler; disk controller; dispersion coefficient; display computer; distance-controlled; distillation column; double conductor; double contact; double contact switch; double cotton insulation; double-concentric; down converter; drain channel; drift chamber; drift correction; duplex circuit; dye cell
dc abbr.
abbr. critical density
abbr., earth.sc. da capo; discrete
abbr., econ. direct costs
abbr., gen. discharge
abbr., mech.eng. double-cylinder
abbr., med. discontinue
law disorderly conduct
O&G corrected d exponent; equivalent diameter
DC2 abbr.
abbr., el. device control 2
DC3 abbr.
abbr., el. device control 3
DC4 abbr.
abbr., el. device control 4
DC3 abbr.
abbr., mil. Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center
DC2 abbr.
abbr., mil. Distributed Command and Control
DC1 abbr.
abbr., el. device control 1
DC. abbr.
abbr., expl. direct current
dC abbr.
abbr., life.sc. deoxycytidine
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Electricity generation1