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 abate [ə'beɪt] v
gen. osłabiać
 English thesaurus
 ABATE [ə'beɪt] abbr.
abbr., mil., avia. analog-based automatic test equipment
 Abate [ə'beɪt] n
agric., chem. temephos
 abate [ə'beɪt] v
law to put an end to; to suppress; to cancel out
 ABATE [ə'beɪt] abbr.
abbr., ed., scient. American Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education; Arkansas Bikers Aiming Toward Education
abbr., sport. Alaska Bikers Advocating Training And Education; Alliance Of Bikers Aimed Towards Education; American Bikers Active Toward Education; American Bikers Advocating Training And Education; American Bikers Against Totalitarian Enactments; American Bikers For Awareness Training And Education
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