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 AC [ə] abbr.
abbr., administrative code (igisheva)
abbr., adv. advertising campaign (Mrs_Andromeda)
abbr., airccon. air conditioner (as in "stay indoor with the AC on" Val_Ships)
abbr., law, copyr. author's certificate (igisheva)
abbr., progr. address calculation (ssn); allocation class (ssn)
 Ac [ə] abbr.
abbr. alto-cumulus
abbr., acmite; acrylonitrile
abbr., met. arrest point on chauffage (heating)
abbr., oil acreage; actinolite
chem. acylate (Углов)
 Ac. abbr.
abbr. acetone; acetyl
abbr., chem. acetate; acyl; alicyclic
abbr., academy
 Ac2 abbr.
abbr. arrest point at which alpha iron becomes non-magnetic on heating
 Ac4 abbr.
abbr. arrest point at which austenite transforms to delta ferrite during heating
 Ac1 abbr.
abbr. arrest point at which austenite begins to form during heating
 Ac3 abbr.
abbr. arrest point at which the transformation of ferrite to austenite is completed during heating
 AC [ə] abbr.
abbr. Alliance Committee; Air Canada; attribute-based conjunctive conceptual clustering; Abstinence Committed; Academic Community; Academic Counsellor; accelerator (ускоритель; акселератор; дроссельная заслонка Углов); Access Control (Token Ring); accommodative convergence; account control (бухгалтерский надзор Углов); Acetic Acid; Action Center; Active Count; Activity Center; adjacent channel (соседний канал Углов); Adriana Cool; Advanced Control; Advanced Credit; Adventure Club; Advisory Council; aeroclub (аэроклуб Углов); aerodynamic center; Aerodynamic Code; aerospace chamber; Aerospace Corporation; After Chemo; after Christ; After Class; After Creation; After Crowning; After The Cataclysm; Agency Characteristic; air compressor (воздушный компрессор Углов); Air Controller; Air Cooling; Air Crew; Airframe Change; Alan Cox; Albert Champion; Alcohol Concentration; aligned continuous (волокнит с параллельным расположением непрерывных армирующих волокон; FRP Углов); All Clear; All Conditions; Alley Cat; Alliance Capital Management Holdings, L P; Allied Command; Allied Commander; Allis Chalmers; alphabetic character (буквенно-алфавитный символ Углов); Alternate Character; alternating component (Vosoni); Alvin Crawford; Always Connected; Always Crap; Ambulance Chaser; Ammonium Citrate; Amphibious Command; Amphibious Corps; Amplifier Combination; Anal Catch; Anal Cunt; Analyst Certification; Andersen Consulting; angling club (клуб рыболовного спорта Углов); Animal Control; Annual Conference; anodal closing (анодное замыкание Углов); Anonymous Coward; Anti Christ; Anti-Coincidence Counters; Anticoagulation Clinic; Apache Configurator; Apellate Court; Appeal Cases; Appeal Court; Appellate Court (апелляционный суд Углов); Application Context; Applied Communication; Applied Communications; Appropriation Committee; Archaeological Conservancy; Arctic Cat; Arctic Circle (Северный полярный круг Углов); Area Code; Area Consultant; Area Coordinator; Arizona And California; Armed Constabulary; Armor Class; armored cable (бронированный кабель Углов); Armour Class; Army Company; Army Component; Army Comptroller; Aromatic Carbon; Art Center; Artillery College; asbestos cement; Asheron's Call; Asphalt Concrete; Ass Crammer; Assist-Control (a form of mechanical ventilation); Assistant Camera; Assistant Commissioner; Assumption Context; Athletic Club; Atlanta Constitution (газета "Атланта конститьюшн" (США) Углов); Atlantic Council; Atlantic Crossing; Atlas-Centaur; Attack City; Audio Code; Audio Coding; Auto Carrier; automatic computer (автоматический вычислитель; автоматическая вычислительная машина, автоматический компьютер Углов); Automation and Communications; Autonomous Control; AVX Corporation; current account (Vosoni); cyanic acid (циановая [синильная, синеродистая] кислота Углов); The Art Clan; Aero Club; air cooled; air coordinator; Air Council; aircraft cruiser; Amphibian Command; armoured car; automation centre; athlete club
abbr., account. amortised cost (Boris54); amortized cost (Boris54)
abbr., agric., chem. ammonium chloride
abbr., amer. Atlantic City , NJ (Val_Ships)
abbr., anat. anterior chamber (of the eye)
abbr., astronaut. acoustic center
abbr., austral. Companion of the Order of Australia (Wiana)
abbr., automat. above center; adaptive control; application control
abbr., avia. advisory circular (MichaelBurov); aerodrome control; aeroplane characteristics (Interex); air carrier; altitude code; analog common (Interex); action code; air cleaner; aircraft certificate; aircraft airplane configuration; aircraft airplane contract; altitude capability; Academic Counselling; antenna coupler; above clouds
abbr., bank. settlement account (MichaelBurov); current account (MichaelBurov)
abbr., biol. activator; aerobic capacity for work; antiphlogistic corticoid (Углов)
abbr., biotechn. acceptance criteria (TorroRosso); Adhesion complex (Altuntash)
abbr., BrE admiral commanding; air commodore; aircraftman; Army Council
abbr., busin. acceptance; accept cargo; accepted; aluminium casting; anne courante; armored cable; arrangement committee
abbr., chem. cyanic acid; hydrocyanic acid
abbr., commer. American condition
abbr., commun. Access Controller (WLAN)
abbr., comp., net. access control
abbr., cust. Appraising Officer (Cathriona)
abbr., dril. air compressor; air conditioner
abbr., accommodative capacity; accumulation coefficient; acetaldehyde; acicular; acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer; actinote; Adamowski criterion; adsorption column; advection-channeling (Model); aerated concrete; Alabama College; Alma College; Amarillo College; anhydrite-chalcopyrite; annual cycle; Antarctic Convergence; arctic circle; asphalt cement; associated costs; astronomical constant; astronomical constants; autoanalysis Colilert test
abbr., ecol. absorbent charcoal
abbr., econ. annual cost; annual cost method
abbr., el. access concentrator; access condition; access control ler; access coupler; add carry; add connection; addressable converter; address carry; addressing capacity; admission control; advice of charge; airborne computer; air combat; algorithm control; alphabetic coding; alternating cycle; angular correlation; anion-host cation (distance); aperture correction; application call; application channel; arithmetic coding; audio perceptual coding system; authentication center; authentication code; automated clearing; automatic coding; auxiliary carry; auxiliary channel; awaiting connection; auxiliary code
abbr., electr.eng. accuracy check; automatic checkout
abbr., electric. alternating current
abbr., file.ext. Autocheck; Automatic Computer; Spooled plot file (AutoCAD AutoSpool)
abbr., fin. agricultural component; accounting criterion (allag); active capital
abbr., hist. Air Corps; Atlantic Charter (Углов)
abbr., invest. assistant cashier
abbr., IT access class; acoustic coupler; attachment circuit; audio codec
abbr., lab.eq. Active Component
abbr., lat. Ante Christum ("before Christ")
abbr., law administrative case (bajituka)
abbr., math. absolutely continuous; axiom of choice; almost certain
abbr., med. Acceleration; Acetyl; Acid; Acromioclavicular; Antecubital; Atrial Contraction; Axiocervical; Acidified Complement; Acinetobacter Calcoaceticus; Activated Charcoal; Acupuncture Clinic; Acute Cholecystitis; Adenocarcinoma; Adenylate Cyclase; Adherent Cell; Adrenocorticoid; Adriamycin/cyclophosphamide; Air Chamber; Air Conditioning; Angiocellular; Anterior Cephalic Vein; Before Meals; adrenal cortex; air conduction; axiocervical; abdominal circumference (vlad-and-slav); ante cibum (до еды Баян); anticoagulant (harser); before meals (перед приемом пищи Dimpassy); atriocarotid
abbr., med.appl. attenuation correction (Ying)
abbr., met. arc cutting
abbr., meteorol. airdrome control; altitude control; automatic
abbr., mil. Airborne Component; aircraft commander; Amplitude Comparison; aviation cadet; active component; activity code; administrative company; advanced course; air command; air component; air controlman; air cooperation; aircraft carrier; aircrewman; ambulance company; ammunition column; ammunition corporal; antiradar coating; antireflection coating; approach chart; armored car; armored carrier; armored cavalry; Army contract; Army corps; artillery controller; assigned contractor; assistant chief; auxiliary command; availability code
abbr., mil., navy anticountermining device (Углов); armored cruiser (Углов); attack center (Углов)
abbr., mil., WMD adapter cradle; alternate current; hydrogen cyanide
abbr., O&G assembly connections (Oleg_); acceptance commission (Aiduza)
abbr., O&G, karach. BHC Acoustic Log (Baker Atlas tool Aiman Sagatova)
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. advance capital (Yeldar Azanbayev)
abbr., O&G, sakh. Advisory Committee (Sakhalin Energy)
abbr., oil alkaline consumption; abandoned channel; abandonment cost; abrupt contact; absolute contribution; abstract card; current; access code; acetate; acetate cellulose; acoustilog (acoustic log); acoustic travel time; activate counter; activated clay; adapter cable; additional catalogue; address/control; Adhesive and Sealant Council; adjustment calibration; advanced composite; aggregate channel; aiming circle; annular control; air condenser; air cool led; all colors; allyl chloride; alternative copolymer; aluminum casting; American conditions (insurance); anodal closure; antenna current; anti-collision; anti-corrosive; anti-crystallizing (rubber); arithmetic computation; arithmetic controller; asphalt cement-bond; association contract; Atlantic coast; Atlantic coastal plain; atmospheric compartment; atmospheric condenser; atmospheric al control; Austin chalk; automatic clutch; automatic configuration; automatic controller; automation center; crystalline acmite; normal space acoustilog
abbr., oncol. agranulocytosis (iwona); adriamycin + cytoxan (Ying); adriamycin + cyclophosphamide (Ying)
abbr., Animals Committee
abbr., pharm. adriamycin and cyclophosphamide
abbr., physiol. Abdominal Circumference; Acromio Clavicular; AcromioClavicular
abbr., polit. Antigua and Barbuda
abbr., polym. aircooled; ally chloride; asbestos cloth; azodicarbonamide
abbr., post actual count
abbr., progr. automatic computer (автоматическая вычислительная машина ssn)
abbr., qual.cont. associate contractor
abbr., scottish Absolute Ceiling; Advisory Circular; Aerodynamic Centre; Airworthiness Committee; Altocumulus; Analyst Console; Area Coverage antenna; Armament Control; Hydrogen Cyanide (Chemical warfare blood agent (also HCN))
abbr., silic. alumina cement
abbr., soil. acrisol; acid igneous/metamorphic rock
abbr., space actinometric instrument; address counter; Anti-Clutter
abbr., sport. Arnold Classic (eugeene1979); athletic club
abbr., stat. Administrative Circular
abbr., tech. adaptable control; altocumulus cloud; corriente alterna (CA); air-cooled refrigerated containers; aero-plane carrier
abbr., telecom. authentication centre (Georgy Moiseenko)
abbr., textile agent of carrier; air cargo
Apollo-Soyuz Apollo commander
el. Activated carbon
energ.ind. absorption coefficient; acid corrosion; action committee; actuation circuitry; advanced computing; aerodynamic coefficients; allegation coordinator; alternating-current; analytical calculations; application category; arc welder; assimilative capacity; atmospheric cracking; augmented citation; auxiliary controls
Gruzovik, abbr., IT alignment check
law account current; administrative county; author's corrections
physiol., med. Acute
tech. absolute code; abstract code; access cycle; account card; acid concentrator; acquisition cycle; address code; adjustment-calibration; administrative controls; admiralty coefficient; aerial current; allegations coordinator; alpha numeric character; analog circuit; analytical chemist; anticorrosive; asynchronous computer; attack center; attack console; attitude control system; audio center; autocollimator; automatic control; auxiliary console; average cost; azimuth comparator
 AC-3 abbr.
abbr., IT Advanced Cluster Computer Consortium
abbr., multimed. audio code number 3
abbr., telecom. audio code No. 3
 AC1 2, 3 abbr.
abbr., mil., navy Air Controlman First Second, Third Class (Углов)
 AC-1 abbr.
abbr., multimed. audio code number 1
 AC97 abbr.
abbr., multimed. audio codec 1997
 AC$ abbr.
abbr., IT Spooled plot file
 AC’97 abbr.
abbr., IT Audio Codec’97
 AC2 abbr.
abbr., mil. airspace command and control
 AC-2 abbr.
abbr., multimed. audio code number 2
 1 AC abbr.
abbr., railw. first class air conditioned (swatimathur4)
 ac [ə] abbr.
abbr. account (Vosoni); acre; active; activity; additional copy; air conditioning; air-cooled; altocumulus (об облачности Leonid Dzhepko); analog computer; author's correction
abbr., med. before a meal
abbr., oil axial centrifugal
abbr., pharma. preprandial (Andrey Truhachev)
cartogr. acres
el. accumulator
med. before meals (Vosoni)
mil. aircraft
O&G acidizing
polym. acid
unit.meas. acre
 Ac [ə] abbr.
abbr. academy; acceptance number; amplitude of compressional wave; acyl; alicyclic; Actinium
abbr., el. acetyl (radical)
insur. Aftercastle
 ac. abbr.
abbr. accumulator; acetyl chloride; active; activity
abbr., dril. acre
abbr., acid
 aC [ə] abbr.
abbr. abcoulomb (абсолютный кулон, единица электрического заряда в системе СГСМ Углов)
med. arabinosylcytosine
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