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 as... n
gen. w miarę jak...
 a [ɔ:] n
gen. jakiś
 a [ɔ:] art.
gen. and as result of; jeden pewien
 a! art.
gen. ah
 English thesaurus
 A [ɔ:] abbr.
abbr. actual weight; Admiralty; aeronautical; Alaska; Alberta; aluminium oxide (regular abrasive); ammunition; Angström (unit); antarctic air (mass); Antigua; armoured; arrest critical point; aspect ratio; Atlantic (Ocean); aviator; azimuthal; international Angström
abbr., avia. attendant seat; attacker
abbr., bridge. Ace
abbr., busin. August; Australia; Austria
abbr., commer. first class; first grade
abbr., dril. annular preventer
abbr., absolute pressure; actinote; actinolite; actinomycete; Aftonian; allanite; altered; amphibole; amphibolite; analcite; andesine; andesite; andradite; Angola; anisotrope; anthophyllite; antiferromagnetic; antigorite; antiperthite; aqua; archaeophytic; ascension; atlas; free energy; grade A; maximum work
abbr., fin. auction
abbr., math. axial vector
abbr., med. Assessment (Ying); adenosine (or adenylic acid)
abbr., met. conventional anneal
abbr., mil. firing angle
abbr., oil abbreviation; abeam; absorbancy; absorption; abstract; accelerator; acicular; acre s; activator; adamantane; adamellite; additive; agent; aids; air line; alarm; alkali; alkalinity; alunite; amorphous; ampere s; amperemeter; anchor; and (function); angular; anhydrite; aniline; anisotropic; anisotropy; aphanitic; aplite; approved; Arabia; Arabian; aragonite; arc; arch; Archaeozoic; area; arithmetic; arm; aromatic oil; arrest point; asphalt; association; asymmetric; Atlantic; atmosphere; atoleine; atoll; attenuation; average; axis
abbr., phys. magnetic vector potential; specific rotation; strong absorption band in deep red the first of the Fraunhofer lines of the solar spectrum
abbr., telecom. availability
 A. abbr.
abbr. amperemeter; answer; atomic; British Waterworks Association
abbr., dril. Arch a eozoic
abbr., absolute; academy; air course; America; ammeter; anode; auxiliary
abbr., econ. anna
abbr., radio antenna
 A2 abbr.
abbr., fin. second contract amount
abbr., met. one of the critical points of steels at which magnetic and certain other properties of alpha iron change
abbr., sport. second assist
 A1 ['eɪ'wʌn] abbr.
abbr. first class (grade A)
abbr., busin. first class
 A3 abbr.
abbr., cubic angstrom
 A1 ['eɪ'wʌn] abbr.
abbr., met. one of the critical points of steels at which the transformation of austenite takes place
 A3 abbr.
abbr., met. one of the critical points of steels at which ferrite transforms to austenite or otherwise
 A1 ['eɪ'wʌn] abbr.
abbr., sport. first assist
 3A abbr.
abbr., comp., net. Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
 A-1 abbr.
abbr., busin. grade A; first class
 A- abbr.
abbr., oil abstract number (survey)
 ,A abbr.
abbr. Australian dollar; Australian dollars
 A4 abbr.
abbr., met. one of the critical points of steels at which gamma iron transforms to delta iron or otherwise
 4A abbr.
abbr., comp., net. Authentication, Account, Authorization, Audit
 A $ abbr.
abbr., econ. Australian Dollar
abbr., β-amyloid peptide
 A 1 abbr.
abbr., UK A-1 (официальное обозначение Большой северной дороги [Great North Road]; см. тж. A-road Alexandra Tolmatschowa)
 °A abbr.
abbr. absolute temperature
 μA abbr.
abbr. microampere
 $ A abbr.
abbr., econ. Peso Argentina
 AS [æs] abbr.
abbr. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server (RedHat, Linux); USN Rating Aviation Support Equipment Technician (Alex Lilo); Aanstaande (Alex Lilo); Abandon Ship (Alex Lilo); Ablaufsprache (German: Sequential Function Chart Alex Lilo); Absolutely Stupid; Abstract Syntax (Alex Lilo); Academia Sinica (Taiwan Alex Lilo); Academy of Science (Vosoni); Access Stratum (3GPP Alex Lilo); Access System (JOPES); Acquisition/Application System (Alex Lilo); American Singles (Alex Lilo); Acrylonitrile Styrene (Alex Lilo); Action Script (scripting language used in flash, similar to Java Alex Lilo); active substance (Yakov); Activesync (Microsoft software Alex Lilo); Activity Start; Acute Sinusitis (Alex Lilo); Adam Sandler (actor Alex Lilo); Add Sideways; Add Subnet; Additional Shift (used on overtime forms Alex Lilo); Additive Solution (preservative to extend life of red blood cells Alex Lilo); Address Strobe (Alex Lilo); Administrative Simplification (Alex Lilo); Administrative Site (Alex Lilo); Administrative Support (Alex Lilo); Administrative System (Bellcore Alex Lilo); Adopted Son (Alex Lilo); Adult Situations (Alex Lilo); Adult Swim (Cartoon Network programming block Alex Lilo); Advanced Schottky (Alex Lilo); Advanced Solutions; Advanced Subsidiary level (UK Alex Lilo); Advanced Switching (Alex Lilo); Aerial Surveillance; Aeronautical Science (Flight Major Alex Lilo); Aerospace Corporation (Alex Lilo); Aerospace Society (Alex Lilo); Aerospace Standards (Alex Lilo); Aes Sedai (Wheel of Time book series Alex Lilo); Aft Shroud (Alex Lilo); After Sperry; After-Sales Service (Alex Lilo); AfterStep (Window Manager for X Alex Lilo); Agency Services (Alex Lilo); Agent Society (International Society on Intelligent Agent Technologies Alex Lilo); Aggregate Subbase (construction Alex Lilo); Aggregate Supply (economics Alex Lilo); Aggressor Squadron (Alex Lilo); Agrarian System (Alex Lilo); Agreement State; Air Sampling (station Alex Lilo); Air Sealed (Alex Lilo); Air Seasoned Timber (Alex Lilo); Air Staff; Air Surveillance; Airfield Services (Alex Lilo); airscoop; airspeed; Aksje Selskap (Norwegian: Limited Company Alex Lilo); Alarm Surveillance (Alex Lilo); Alaska Airlines, Inc., Alaska (IATA airline code Alex Lilo); Alaska Statute; Alessandro Scarlatti (classical composer Alex Lilo); Alignment Signal (ITU-T Alex Lilo); Alka-Seltzer (Alex Lilo); All Source (Alex Lilo); All Star (sports Alex Lilo); All Stars (Disney resort Alex Lilo); Allocation Status; Allowance Standard (Alex Lilo); Alpha Smart (electronic keyboard Alex Lilo); Alto Saxophone (Alex Lilo); Altostratus (cloud formation Alex Lilo); Amalgamated Society; Amateur Satellite; American Samoa; American Standard Code for Safety Glazing Materials; Amino Salicylic Acid (Alex Lilo); ammeter switch; Ammonium Sulphate; Ammunition Specialist (Alex Lilo); Ampere Sensor (Alex Lilo); Ampere Switch (Alex Lilo); Anaerobic Seeder (Alex Lilo); Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars Character Alex Lilo); Anal Seepage (Alex Lilo); analog secure (US DoD Alex Lilo); Analog Switch (Alex Lilo); Analysis Subsystem (Alex Lilo); Anatolian Studies (Alex Lilo); Ancillary Services (Alex Lilo); Angel Sanctuary (Manga Alex Lilo); Angle Slam (wrestling finishing move Alex Lilo); Angled Single (Alex Lilo); Anglo-Saxon; Anno Satanas (Alex Lilo); Anno Societatis; Annual Summary (Alex Lilo); Anonim Sirketi (Turkish: Joint Stock Company Alex Lilo); Anonymous Sender (Alex Lilo); Another Subject (Alex Lilo); Answer Supervision (Alex Lilo); Anti Static (Alex Lilo); Anti Surge (type of electric fuse Alex Lilo); Anti Sweat (Alex Lilo); Anti-Scintillation (Alex Lilo); Anti-Social (Alex Lilo); Antichrist Superstar (Marilyn Manson album Alex Lilo); antisubmarine; Aperture Stop (Alex Lilo); AppleScript (Alex Lilo); AppleShare (Alex Lilo); Appliance Server; Applicability Statement (Alex Lilo); Application Software (NEC Alex Lilo); Applied Science (Alex Lilo); Approaches Standards (school grading system Alex Lilo); Aqueous Solution (Alex Lilo); Archive Server (Alex Lilo); Area Security (Alex Lilo); Area Source (Alex Lilo); Area Supervisor (FAA ARTCC Area Supervisor 1 or more Sector Suites Alex Lilo); Arme'e du Salut (Salvation Army Alex Lilo); Armed Services; Armed Services Committee; Army Security; Army Staff; Arnold Schwarzenegger (body builder, actor, politician Alex Lilo); Arsenal Ship (Alex Lilo); Articulation Score (Alex Lilo); artificial satellite; Artificial Stupidity (Alex Lilo); As Stated (Alex Lilo); Asbestos Survey (Alex Lilo); Ascent Stage (Alex Lilo); Asian Sensation (Alex Lilo); Aspheric Subassembly (Alex Lilo); Assamese; Assassin/Assassination (Alex Lilo); Assault at Selonia (Star Wars novel Alex Lilo); Assault Shotgun; Assault Support (Alex Lilo); Assigned (Telabs Alex Lilo); Assistant Referee (Soccer Alex Lilo); Associate in Science (Alex Lilo); Associate of Science (Alex Lilo); Associated Students (Alex Lilo); Associated Support (Alex Lilo); Associazione Sportiva (Italian: sports club Alex Lilo); Athletics (Oakland baseball team Alex Lilo); ATM Switch (Alex Lilo); Attachment Sheet (Alex Lilo); Audioslave (band Alex Lilo); Auger Spectroscopy (Alex Lilo); Auris Sinister (Latin: Left Ear Alex Lilo); Auris Sinistra (left Ear); Austin Servers (online gaming community Alex Lilo); Australian Shepherd (dog breed Alex Lilo); Australian Standard (Alex Lilo); Authentication Server (Alex Lilo); Authentication Service (DCE); Author Space (webcomic Alex Lilo); Authorization Subsystem (Alex Lilo); Automatically Switching; Automation Specialist (Alex Lilo); (car enthusiasts Alex Lilo); Auxiliary Steam (Alex Lilo); Auxiliary Submarine (Alex Lilo); Aviation Safety (Alex Lilo); aviation ship (US DoD Alex Lilo); Complex Antenna (Alex Lilo); FAADC2I Simplified Handheld Terminal Unit; Wait (logging abbreviation Alex Lilo); Anabolic Steroid; Atropine Sulphate; Administrative and Scientific Progress Report; aftersight; armament supply; Australian Standards
abbr., agric. astigmatic
abbr., agric., chem. ammonium sulphate
abbr., astronaut. Authorized Service (semfromshire)
abbr., automat. Automation System (система автоматизации Tektonov)
abbr., avia. air start; aircraft airplane services; airplane support; airworthiness standard; alpha speed; anti-skid; accomplishment summary (Interex); aerospatiale (Interex); auto stabilization (Interex); aircraft surveillance
abbr., biol. ammoniacal silver
abbr., BrE admiral superintendent
abbr., busin. able seaman; Academy of Sciences; application for cargo shipment; Asia; at sight; average speed
abbr., chem. acetosyringone; ammonium sulphamate
abbr., commun. Access Switch / Access Server
abbr., comp., net. Application Server
abbr., abstracting service; activated-sludge; actual standard; admittance spectroscopy; aminosilane; ammonia stripping; ammonium salts; amphibole skarn; analytical series; analytical solutions; Apollo Saturn; athyrisina squamosum; atomic spectroscopy
abbr., econ. acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer; account sale
abbr., el. application system
abbr., electr.eng. amperemeter switch
abbr., file.ext. Autonomous System (Internet)
abbr., fin. associated State
abbr., goldmin. Alex Stewart Assayers (MichaelBurov)
abbr., hist. Air Service
abbr., IT anti-streamer; add-subtract; Architectural Simulator; automated software distribution
abbr., lab.eq. Androgen Suppression
abbr., law Alaska Statutes
abbr., law, ADR anticipated sales (Maximoose)
abbr., leg.ent.typ. Aktsiaselts (акционерное общество в Эстонии 4uzhoj); Aksjeselskap (акционерное общество в Норвегии 4uzhoj)
abbr., Makarov. active space
abbr., med. acidified serum; Acidified Serum; Alport Syndrome; Angelman Syndrome; Angiosarcoma; Ankylosing Spondylitis; Anovulatory Syndrome; Artificial Sweetener; Aseptic Meningitis; Asparagine Synthetase; Asperger Syndrome; Assisted Suicide; Astigmatism; Asymmetric; Atherosclerosis; Auricle Sinistrus (Left Ear); ankylosing spondylitis; auris sinistra (left ear); aortic stenosis (Vosoni); aortic stenosis (стеноз аортального клапана Dimpassy); Antimicrobial Stewardship (I. Havkin)
abbr., med., lat. left ear
abbr., mil. Acquisition Strategy; Advanced Sensors; Air Search; air speed; Aircraft Survivability
abbr., O&G, sakh. amine sewer (system)
abbr., oil amide surfactant; amine surfactant; amphoteric surfactant; account sales; acetocyringone; acrylonitrile-styrene (resin); Aegean Sea; air pressure test for strength; air scoop; air seasoned; air space; air suction; airless spray; alkali syenite; alkyl sulfonates; alkylsulfate; alkylsulphate; aluminum and steel; aluminum silicate; aluminum sulfate; aminosugars; ammonium sulfonate; analytic signal (method); anionic surfactant; antithetic sampling (method); Arctic services; area sample; asphalt and perchlorate solid; atactic polystyrene; augmented stability; automatic synchronizer; automatic system; automatic ally switch ing; sodium alkyl sulfonate; absorption spectroscopy; after shot; anhydrite stringer; Array Sonic (glenfoo)
abbr., oncol. Adeno-Squamous carcinoma; AngioSarcoma
abbr., opt. angular sensitivity
abbr., physiol. Absence of Seizures; Acoustic Stimulation; Acute Stress; Adams-Stokes syndrome; Anal Sphincter; Aortic Stenosis; ArterioSclerosis; AScending aorta
abbr., polit. Australia
abbr., polym. American standard
abbr., progr. automated system (ssn)
abbr., qual.cont. aerospace standard
abbr., radio antenna assemblies
abbr., scottish Aeronautical Standard; Aircraft Standard; Airlift Squadron; Anti-Spoofing; Anti-Submarine; Automatic Sprinkler; Submarine Tender (USA); Australia (NATO country code)
abbr., soil. aeolian sand
abbr., space anti spoofing; astronomy; adapter section
abbr., tech. alloy steel
abbr., telecom. autonomous system
abbr., textile Austria Standard
econ. aggregate supply (dimock)
energ.ind. accident severity; advanced system; air staging; analytical simulator; appraisal system; austenite steel; automatical stabilization; automatically stabilized; auxiliary spray
invest. after sight
meteorol. aeronautical standards; ascend ing to...
mil. aerospace studies; air station; air superiority; air support; air-to-surface; ammunition storage; ammunition store; angle of sight; antenna site; apprentice seaman; area surveillance; arm of service; armament supplies; armor school; armored shop; army surplus; arsenal section; assistant secretary; atomic strike; automatic switching
physiol. Anal sphincter; Arteriosclerosis
tech. acquisition sensor; asdic search; action statement; adaptive system; aerial shot; air glow spectrum; air supply; air-seasoned; alto-stratus; ampere-second; angle shot; anisotropic semiconductor; antenna systems; antisubmarine search; arithmetically symmetrical; astronomical spectroscopy; atmosphere and space; audio sensitivity; auto sequential; automatic search
 As [æs] abbr.
abbr., oil effective amplitude of shearing waves; arsenopyrite; asbestos
 A45 abbr.
abbr. atmosphere at latitude 45°
 As. abbr.
abbr. Asia; Asian
 a [ɔ:] abbr.
inf. I (шотл. bellb1rd)
 A [ɔ:] abbr.
abbr. Absurd; air course (Vosoni); ammeter (Vosoni); academician; acoustics (Vosoni); acre; Act; Actor; aerial (Vosoni); aeronautics; Aftermath; afternoon; Agree (in surveys Fesenko); airport; All; amateur; amber; Ambient; Americas; Animals; annual; annually; anode (Vosoni); answer; Ant; antarctic air; Anteater; Ape; Apple; April; Apron; arbitrary constant; arbitrary dimension; Archived; Archives; Arctic; Army; Art; Artemis; ash; ash content; Associate; astragal; atomic mass number; atto-; Australian; Autos; Helmholtz function; mass number; stack cross-sectional area; surface area; Agar; Angstroem; angstrom
abbr., agric. alcohol; analysis; automatic
abbr., agrochem. acid; air; atomic weight
abbr., auto. amperes
abbr., automat. addendum
abbr., avia. aircraft; airborne; attack
abbr., biochem. alanine (аланин Dimpassy)
abbr., biol. adenine
abbr., BrE A-branch; apprentice
abbr., cartogr. America; American; arch bridge; Argyllshire; arroyo
abbr., construct. area of cross section
abbr., EBRD upper medium grade
abbr., econ. Australian dollar (Seregaboss)
abbr., el. adder; altimeter; animator; asynchronous; atom ic; autonomous; angstrom unit
abbr., electr.eng. amplification; amplifier; armature
abbr., expl. absolute alcohol
abbr., file.ext. ADA Program
abbr., fin. Annuity (LyuFi); Asset (LyuFi)
abbr., footwear anti-static (специальное обозначение Yuriy83)
abbr., gram. adjective
abbr., IT accumulator; amplitude
abbr., lab.eq. Albino guinea pig
abbr., Makarov. PAB; PAS
abbr., meteorol. Allergologist; Allergy; Abnormal; Abortion; Absolute Temperature; Absorbance; Acceptor; Accommodation; Acetone; Acetum; Achondroplasia; Acid; Acidophil; Acidophilic; Acromion; Acidity; Albumin; Alpha (cell); alveolar gas (SUBSCRIPT); Ambulation; Ampere; Amphetamine; Ampicillin; Amplitude; Anaphylaxis; Androsterone; Arterial Blood; Artery (Lat. Arteria); Asymptomatic, No Symptoms (e.g. In Proteinuria); Blood Group A; Total Acidity; Tumor Limited To The Bowel (Dukes Classification); Tumor Limited To The Mucosa (Astler-Coller Classification); peak left ventricular filling velocity at atrial contraction (пиковая скорость позднего наполнения левого желудочка (при сокращении предсердий) Dimpassy); Ankle Jerk/Reflex
abbr., mil. Adjutant-General's Branch (отдел генерал-адъютантской службы); Alaskan Standard Time (поясное время на Аляске); arrow; analog
abbr., mining. A one; air course; ammeter; ampere; argon
abbr., O&G, sakh. Amp
abbr., oil alloyed; apparent; atmospheric air; Avogadro's number; current electrode; electrochemical activity; formation water activity; Stiles mobility ratio
abbr., physiol. Adenine; Alveolization
abbr., polit. Asia
abbr., qual.cont. NOVA analysis of variance
abbr., scottish ampere (electric current); Alfa (phonetic alphabet); Time zone 7.5 E-22.5 E (GMT -1)
abbr., tech. Angstrom; search area; desired search area
energ.ind., abbr. accumulator; amplitude; arbitrary constant; arbitrary dimension; ash; atomic mass number; atto-; mass number; stack cross-sectional area; surface area
gas.proc., abbr. ash content
law acting
meteorol., abbr. afternoon; altitude difference; amber; analysis; annual; antarctic air
mil. academy; acceleration; accommodation; accountant; ace; acquittance; action; active; activity; actual; adjutant; administration; admiral; adopted; advance; advanced; aerospace; agency; airman; alert; allied; alternate; ambulance; amphibian; amphibious; armament; armored; artificer; artillery; assistant; atomic; automobile; auxiliary; aviation; azimuth
mil., agrochem. air
mil., avia. aircraft
O&G analogue
pipes., abbr. area of cross section
tech. assembly; absent; absolute temperature; accommodation coefficient; acquisition; address constant; alloy; alteration; altitude; altitude difference; analog signal; anhydrous; antenna; aqueous; argentum; aromatic; asbestos; automated; refracting angle of prism; silver; width of slit
 A. abbr.
abbr., lat. Aulus (a common Roman forename)
abbr., Makarov. admiral
abbr., met. annealed
abbr., mining. acre; aircourse
invest. abstract
law anonymous; association
 A2 abbr.
abbr. Advanced Articulators Toastmasters Club
abbr., med. Prostatic Tumor More Than 5% (Jewett Staging System); aortic second sound
abbr., media. Antenne 2
abbr., mil. Algorithmic Architecture; Anti- Armor; antiaccess
abbr., polym. twice annealed
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Botswana)
 A1 ['eɪ'wʌn] abbr.
abbr. A one
 A3 abbr.
abbr. Any time, Any place, Anywhere (в любое время, в любом месте, где угодно Interex)
abbr., IT Unrelated Inventions Audiotools Show Log
 A1 ['eɪ'wʌn] abbr.
abbr., law, ADR erstklassig
abbr., med. Aortic First Sound (Jewett Staging System); Prostatic Tumor Less Than 5% (Jewett Staging System)
 A3 abbr.
abbr., mil. Armor/ Anti- Armor
abbr., scottish Advanced Avionics Architecture; Affordable Acquisition Approach; Civil aircraft marking (Tonga)
abbr., transp. Automatic Three Speed
 A1 ['eɪ'wʌn] art.
amer. A; No 1
 A3 art.
mil. armor/antiarmor
 3A abbr.
abbr., el. factory automation, office automation and house automation; office automation, factory automation and laboratory automation
abbr., polit. North Pacific Ocean
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Monaco)
 A-1 abbr.
abbr., BrE A 1 (официальное обозначение Большой северной дороги [Great North Road]; см. тж. A-road Alexandra Tolmatschowa)
abbr., mil. director of manpower, personnel, and services (Air Force)
 A- abbr.
abbr., oil A-minus; A-negative
 A10 abbr.
abbr. Area 10
 A20 abbr.
abbr. Area 20
 A22 abbr.
abbr. Area 22
 A24 abbr.
abbr. Area 24
 A41 abbr.
abbr. Area 41
 A60 abbr.
abbr. Area 60
 A+ abbr.
abbr. A-positive
 A20 abbr.
abbr., avia. Sun Valley Airport, Bullhead City, Arizona USA
 A22 abbr.
abbr., avia. Eagleville Airport, Eagleville, California USA
 A24 abbr.
abbr., avia. California Pines Airport, Alturas, California USA
 A0 abbr.
abbr., comp., IT FAADC2I Workstation class computer unit
 5A abbr.
abbr., el. communication automation, office automation, building management automation, fire automation and safety automation
 A10 abbr.
abbr., IT OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
 A41 abbr.
abbr., IT Authorware Version 4.x Library
 A60 abbr.
abbr., IT Roland Garros Tennis MVTS File
 A8 abbr.
abbr., IT Alpha channel image data; Cubicomp PictureMaker 24bit 3D Animation file
 A+ abbr.
abbr., oil A-plus
 A0 abbr.
abbr., oil center electrode
 5A abbr.
abbr., polit. Arctic Ocean
 A4 abbr.
abbr., polit. Arabian Peninsula
 A5 abbr.
abbr., polit. South Asia
 A7 abbr.
abbr., polit. Southwest Asia
 5A abbr.
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Libya)
 A5 abbr.
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Bhutan)
 A7 abbr.
abbr., scottish Civil aircraft marking (Qatar)
 A4 abbr.
abbr., transp. Automatic Four Speed
 A5 abbr.
abbr., transp. Automatic Five Speed
 A-2 abbr.
abbr. Intelligence Staff section of U.S. Army Air Corps. Established 1940
 A11 abbr.
abbr. Area 11
 A13 abbr.
abbr. Area 13
 A15 abbr.
abbr. Area 15
 A17 abbr.
abbr. Area 17
 A19 abbr.
abbr. Area 19
 A21 abbr.
abbr. Area 21
 A23 abbr.
abbr. Area 23
 A26 abbr.
abbr. Area 26
 A28 abbr.
abbr. Area 28
 A30 abbr.
abbr. Area 30
 A32 abbr.
abbr. Area 32
 A34 abbr.
abbr. Area 34
 A36 abbr.
abbr. Area 36
 A38 abbr.
abbr. Area 38
 A40 abbr.
abbr. Area 40
 A43 abbr.
abbr. Area 43
 A45 abbr.
abbr. Area 45
 A47 abbr.
abbr. Area 47
 A49 abbr.
abbr. Area 49
 A53 abbr.
abbr. Area 53
 A55 abbr.
abbr. Area 55
 A57 abbr.
abbr. Area 57
 A62 abbr.
abbr. Area 62
 A64 abbr.
abbr. Area 64
 A66 abbr.
abbr. Area 66
 0A0 abbr.
abbr. Orbital Astronomical Observatories; Orthogonalized Atomic Orbital
 42A abbr.
abbr. MELBOURNE Municipal Airport, JOHN E MILLER Field, Melbourne, Arkansas USA
 47A abbr.
abbr. Cherokee County Airport, Canton, Georgia USA
 49A abbr.
abbr. Form 49A for PAN card Application
 8A abbr.
abbr. Minority-owned or other Disadvantaged Business
 9A2 abbr.
abbr. Powell Stolport, Knoxville, Tennessee USA
 A$ abbr.
abbr. Australian Dollars (DoctorD)
A: 3540 phrases in 92 subjects
American usage, not spelling17
Automatic control7
British usage, not spelling14
Criminal law8
Cultural studies3
Electric machinery1
Electric motors8
Electric traction10
Electrical engineering11
Electricity generation68
Energy industry4
European Union3
Fish farming pisciculture1
Food industry2
Government, administration and public services8
Health care32
Human rights activism6
Immigration and citizenship12
Information technology5
International law4
International trade3
Labor law2
Life sciences5
Lighting other than cinema5
Mineral products1
Natural sciences1
Nuclear physics3
Obsolete / dated5
Pharmacy and pharmacology12
Physical sciences2
Piezoelectric crystals8
Power electronics1
Power lines11
Power system protection10
Private international law3
Procedural law59
Rail transport5
Risk Management1
Satellite communications2
Social science7
Sound recording9
Sugar production1
Thermal Energy1
United Nations2
Vacuum tubes4