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 Th abbr.
abbr., dril. throttle
abbr., homogenisation temperature; theorem; thulite
 Th. abbr.
abbr. theory; throttle; Thursday
abbr., theorem
 Th OH 4 n
chem. Th OH 4
 TH abbr.
abbr. Table Heads; Territory Of Hawaii; Thai; Theim; Thursday; Tim Horton; Tom Hanks; thermoid; threaded (fiammetta); toilet-paper holder; Transmission Header; Transmittal Header; Truly Hierarchical
abbr., avia. transition height
abbr., cardiol. tyrosine hydroxylase (Игорь_2006)
abbr., cartogr. towhead
abbr., chem., scient. Thorium
abbr., el. table handling; tapered hemispherical-ended (fiber); terminal handler; tetrahedral hole; third-harmonic; through-hole; timer higher-order byte; tracking head; trap handler; trap handler routine; Trojan horse; tungsten halogen lamp
abbr., el., scient. Through Hole
abbr., facil. test house (igisheva)
abbr., IT Table Header; Think Hardware; Time History
abbr., math., scient. Theoretical Hypothesis
abbr., med. T Helper (cell); Thenar; Thermic; Thyroid; Transhepatic
abbr., mil. Targeting High; Training Helicopter; Time Hopping
abbr., mil., avia. tail-heavy
abbr., mil., WMD test hardware
abbr., O&G, casp. town hall (Yeldar Azanbayev)
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. high pressure condensate
abbr., O&G, sakh. tank height
abbr., O&G. tech. tubing hanger (MichaelBurov)
abbr., oil thence; tight hole; total hardness
abbr., physiol., med. Thyroid Hormone
abbr., polit. Thailand
abbr., polym. tail-to-head
abbr., refrig. total heat
abbr., relig. Trinity House; Trinity Hymnal
abbr., scottish Terrain Height; True Heading; Thailand (NATO country code)
abbr., soil. thermic soil temperature regime
abbr., sport. Tournament Hours
abbr., tech. thermal efficiency; thermal element
abbr., tradem. Travel And Hospitality
abbr., transp. Threshold; Town Highway
energ.ind. theoretical studies; thermal-hydraulics; titration for hardness; turbine hall
mil. terminal homing; towed howitzer; training helicopter; transport helicopter
physiol., med. Thoracic
tech. T helper cell; telegraph apparatus; telephone; television hologram; transponder hopping
tradem. Thiokol
 Th abbr.
abbr. thorax; thenardite
 th abbr.
abbr. 100000 Btus; therm
 Th abbr.
abbr. Thursday
 th abbr.
abbr., thermie; hyperbolic tangent
 Th abbr.
abbr., med. thorium
agric. Thoroughbred
 th n
O&G threshold
polym. theoretical; thermal; thickness
unit.meas. thousand (igisheva)
 th. abbr.
abbr. telephone; thermit
abbr., thermal
abbr., phys. thermion; threshold
abbr., sport. thoroughbred
O&G, sakh. tonnes
 TH2 abbr.
abbr., med. T Helper Type 2 Cell
 Th227 n
tech., abbr. radioactinium (Rd Ac)
 4TH abbr.
abbr., file.ext. Forth language source code file (ForthCMP - LMI Forth)
 TH1 abbr.
abbr., med. T Helper Type 1 Cell
 Th230 n
tech., abbr. ionium
 TH abbr.
abbr. tail heavy; thermit; thermometer
abbr., avia. tooling hole
abbr., badm. two hands
abbr., busin. things
abbr., comp. tape handler
abbr., tholeiite; time horizon
abbr., helper T cell; thyrotropic hormone
abbr., met. tap hole
abbr., oil temperature of homogenization; total head; total hydrocarbon
abbr., R&D. total height (igisheva)
abbr., space total temperature
abbr., telecom. time hoping
 TH200 abbr.
abbr., oil 200 MHz dielectric theoretic response
 TH47 abbr.
abbr., oil 47MHz dielectric theoretic response
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