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smb's strong point or strength ['strɔŋpɔɪnt]
gen. czyjaś mocna strona
 English thesaurus
strong point ['strɔŋpɔɪnt]
mil., logist. A defensive position, usually strongly fortified and heavily armed with automatic weapons, around which other positions are grouped for its protection. 2. A position requiring extensive engineer effort for obstacles and survivability positions, and positioned to control or block an avenue of approach. Normally, command and control, aid stations, and critical supply stockpiles will be dug-in with overhead protection. Trenches and other protective construction will be done to protect soldiers and weapons from damage during assault by mounted and dismounted forces. (FRA); Defensive position occupied by an element of company strength. A strong point is organized around a certain number of battle positions occupied by elements of platoon strength and must be able to defend itself against attacks coming from all directions. (FRA)