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pot [pɔt] n
gen. gar m; garnek
agric. doniczka f
amer. trawka f
construct. donica szklarska
fish.farm. pułapka
glass donica f
small pot [pɔt] n
gen. garnuszek garnek
pot [pɔt] v
gen. wszczepiać
agric. sadzić
fish.farm. więcierz
pot [pɔt] adj.
agric. doniczkowy; garncarski
 English thesaurus
pot [pɔt] n
law slang for marijuana; a narcotic
pot [pɔt] abbr.
abbr. potential out take; potentiometer
abbr., med., lat. potus
chem. potassium
electr.eng. potential
slang 285 ml beer glass in Queensland and Victoria
space W
pot. abbr.
abbr. potentiometer
abbr., earth.sc. potential
polym. potassium
POT [pɔt] abbr.
abbr. Point Of Transaction; Post Ordination Training; Profit On Turnover; Puff On This; Palestinian Occupied Territories (ybelov); Pissed Off Torrell; Prevention of Terrorism; Propeller Order Transmitter
abbr., avia. Port Antonio, Jamaica; plan of test
abbr., chem., scient. Potion Of Thought
abbr., ed. Principles of Technology
abbr., el. picture object table; planar oxide technique
abbr., el., scient. Peaks Over Threshold
abbr., file.ext. Continuous potential image (Fractint); Template (MS PowerPoint)
abbr., IT Continuous potential image; Plain Old Telephony; Point Of Termination; Portable Object Template; Template
abbr., mil. Power Of Terror
abbr., mil., avia. potential
abbr., nautic., scient. Program for Operational Trajectories
abbr., phys., scient. Protons On Target
abbr., physiol., med. Potassium
abbr., sport. Player Operated Turret
abbr., st.exch. POTASH Corporation of Saskatechewan, Inc.
abbr., tech. planned outage
abbr., tradem. Patterson Office Tower
abbr., transp. Point Of Transportation
comp. point of termination
energ.ind. pre-operational test
mil. performance-oriented training; portable outside toilet
Pot. abbr.
abbr. pottery
abbr., earth.sc. potash
Pot [pɔt] abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. potassic
.POT v
IT application/mspowerpoint
POT [pɔt] abbr.
abbr., O&G Pay Out Time (tat-konovalova)
POT [pɔt] abbr.
abbr. permanganate oxidation time
abbr., busin. port of transhipment; port of transit
abbr., med. plan of treatment (inspirado)
abbr., space proximity operation trainer
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