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fox [fɔks] n
forestr. lis m
mamm. lis m (Vulpes vulpes)
sly fox [fɔks] v
gen. spryciarka f; spryciarz m
fox [fɔks] adj.
gen. lisi
 English thesaurus
fox [fɔks] v
mamm. alepou (Vulpes vulpes)
slang very attractive (His older sister is a fox)
FOX [fɔks] abbr.
abbr. Fascist Old Xenophobes; Finnish Options Index; Flies On X-rays; Friends Of Xanadu; Field Operational X.500
abbr., avia. Fox, Alaska USA
abbr., econ. Futures and Options Exchange
abbr., el. fast oxidation system; fiber optic al extender
abbr., el., scient. Field oxide
abbr., file.ext. Foxbase executable (precompiled .prg, FoxBase Vosoni)
abbr., inf. woman
abbr., IT Foxbase executable; Free Objects For X
abbr., nautic., scient. Fishery-Oceanography Experiment
abbr., oil London Futures and Options Exchange
abbr., st.exch. Fox Entertainment Group, Inc.
abbr., telecom. fiber optic crossconnection
invest. forward with optional exit
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