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rod [rɔd] n
gen. pręt
forestr. korbowod m
pull rod [rɔd] n
tech. cięgło n
rod [rɔd] n
agric. rózga f; rdzeń m; trzpień m; sworzeń m; trzon m; osadka f; drag; tyka; żerdź f; łata f
build.struct. wkładka zbrojeniowa
ceram. listwa
tech. sztanga f; pręt metalowy; drąg metalowy; belka polowa; drąg m; drążek m
rod [rɔd] v
construct. sztychować (masę betonową); rydlować (masę betonową); przekopywać ziemię na głębokość łopaty
rod [rɔd] adj.
construct. prętowy; sworzniowy; trzpieniowy; rdzeniowy
 English thesaurus
rod [rɔd] abbr.
abbr. rd
abbr., construct. rd.
abbr., mining. r.; ro.
abbr., railw. top screw
dril. 16.5 ft
ROD [rɔd] abbr.
abbr. Return On Debt; Review Of Design; Range Operations Directorate; Real Old Dirt; Reconnaissance Operations Division; Relief Of Duty; Result Option Descriptor (Vosoni); Rewritable Optical Disk (OD)
abbr., avia. rate of descent; radar only display; record of discussion; remote operated door
abbr., BrE remotely-controlled optronic director; Royal Ordnance depot
abbr., ed. Read Or Die
abbr., ed., scient. Resource Office on Disabilities
abbr., el. receive-only device; reflective object database; ring oscillator delay
abbr., fant./sci-fi. Realms Of the Dragon
abbr., law Record Of Decision; Report Of Death
abbr., logist. rust, oxidation and discoloration (Phyloneer)
abbr., med. renal osteodystrophy (doktortranslator)
abbr., mil. H. M. S. Rodney; Report Of Discrepancy; Retired On Duty
abbr., mil., WMD record of decision
abbr., oil rich-oil demethanizer
abbr., physiol., med. Renal OsteoDystrophy
abbr., scottish Rate Of Descent
energ.ind. release order directive; remote operating device
mil. rate of delivery; remain on duty; repair and overhaul directive; required operational data; required operational date; run-out date
tech. range operations department; remote operated doors
Rod [rɔd] abbr.
abbr., names, dimin. Roderick; Rodney
Rod [rɔd] abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. rodingite
abbr., oil Rodessa
ROD [rɔd] abbr.
abbr. railway operating division; Rossford Ordnance Depot; Royal Ordnance Department
abbr., busin. remove of debris
abbr., law, contr. Registrar of Deeds (Ying)
abbr., space range operations directive
abbr., textile refused on delivery
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Building structures4
Electric traction1
Machinery and mechanisms1
Mechanic engineering1
Nuclear physics6
Power lines1
Thermal Energy2