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cast [kɑ:st] n
gen. obsada; obsadzić
cast [kɑ:st] v
gen. obsadzać; rzucać kierować; rzut; rzucić; odlewać formować
construct. lać; odlewać
med. wytop
tech. odlew m
plaster cast [kɑ:st] v
gen. gips opatrunek
casts v
med. wałeczki
cast [kɑ:st] adj.
construct. lany; odlany; lity
 English thesaurus
cast [kɑ:st] n
cinema A collective term for the actors appearing in a particular movie.
med. см. plaster cast
cast. abbr.
abbr. casting
CAST [kɑ:st] abbr.
abbr. Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (LyuFi); competitive antigen spot test; Children's Aid Society of Toronto; Carlisle Adams and Stafford Tavares (Verschluesselung); Compliance Assessment and Security Testing (MasterCard 4uzhoj)
abbr., astronaut. Chinese Academy of Space Technology
abbr., automat. computer-aided storage and transportation
abbr., avia. cast aluminum structures technology; center for application of sciences and technology; certification authority software team; Chinese Association Science and Technology; Commercial Aviation Safety Team; computer aided structural technology; computer application and system technology
abbr., clin.trial. Clinical Assessment of Strep Throat (клиническая оценка стрептококкового воспаления горла kat_j)
abbr., commer. Computer Aided Software Testing
abbr., cryptogr. Carlisle Adams and Stafford Tavares cipher (Vosoni)
abbr., earth.sc. Center for Application of Science and Technology; Consolidated African Selection Trust, Ltd.
abbr., ed. Children's Acting School And Theater; Community And School Together
abbr., ed., scient. Campus Auxiliary Safety Team; Computer Assisted Statistics Teaching
abbr., el. capped self-aligned trench isolation; controlled avalanche superlattice transistor; computer-assisted scanning technique
abbr., el., scient. Current Audio Signal Transmission
abbr., IT computer-aided software testing (Bricker)
abbr., lab.eq. Calf Antibiotic and Sulfonamide Test
abbr., med. competitive antigen spot test; Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial; Children Of Alcoholism Screening Test
abbr., mil. Canadian Amphibious Search Team; computerized automatic systems tester
abbr., mil., avia. Canadian air-sea transportable
abbr., multimed. computer-aided software testing
abbr., NATO Close Air Support Control Team
abbr., nautic., scient. China Association for Science and Technology
abbr., oil circumferential acoustic scanning tool; computer application and systems technology; computer automatic system tester
abbr., pharm. color allergy serening test
abbr., post Computer Assisted Scheme Training
abbr., relig. Christian Actors Sharing Truth
abbr., scottish Computer Assisted Supervision of Transmission; Canadian Air-Sea Transportable Brigade
abbr., space capillary action-shaping technique; Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Tech no logies; China Academy of Space Technology; China Association for Science and Technology; computer assisted satellite track; computer assisted scanning techniques; computer-assisted self training; computerized automatic system test; Chinese Academy of space Technology
abbr., tech. Capillary Action Shaping Technique (Vosoni)
abbr., tradem. Canadian Atlantic Sea Transport
abbr., vet.med., med. Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
mil. computerized automatic system tester
mil., abbr. close air support training; common access security terminal; computer-assisted scanning techniques
Cast [kɑ:st] abbr.
abbr. castle
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