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pipe [paɪp] n
gen. fajka do palenia tytoniu; fujarka f; przewód m
agric. trąba f; rurka
chem. rura f
comp., MS potok m (A portion of memory that can be used by one process to pass information along to another. Essentially, a pipe works like its namesake: it connects two processes so that the output of one can be used as the input to the other)
construct. komin m; mikrotelefon m
el.mot. kanał m
organ pipe [paɪp] n
mus. piszczałka f
pipes [paips] n
gen. kobza f
pipe [paɪp] v
gen. odprowadzać usuwać
pipe [paɪp] adj.
comp., MS potokować (In Windows PowerShell, to send the results of the preceding command as input to the next command in the pipeline)
environ. rura f (długi przewód o przekroju pierścieniowym, używany najczęściej do transportu cieczy i gazów; A tube made of metal, clay, plastic, wood, or concrete and used to conduct a fluid, gas, or finely divided solid)
 English thesaurus
pipe [paɪp] abbr.
abbr. p
abbr., oil drill
PIPE [paɪp] abbr.
abbr. Personalization Is Partial Evaluation; Pipeline Information and Program Evaluation; Private Investment in Public Equity (Alexander Matytsin); Price and Information Project for Europe
abbr., el. production integrated processing equipment; programmable image processing element
abbr., IT Practice In Programming Environment; Primary Integrated Platform Environment
abbr., med. Persistent Interstitial Pulmonary Emphysema
abbr., mil., avia. pulsed irradiation of a particle bed reactor fuel
abbr., progr., IT Python Interactive Process Enabler
abbr., proj.manag. private investment public equity
abbr., st.exch. Private Investment, Public Entity
PIPES abbr.
abbr., avia. prime item product functional specification
abbr., med. piperazine-N,N-bis (2-ethane sulfonic acid)
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