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junk [ʤʌŋk] n
gen. rupieć n; szmelc m
agric. odpadki f
comp., MS wiadomość-śmieć f (E-mail that a customer does not want delivered to their inbox, including spam and phishing messages (identified by the mail service) and messages from blocked senders and domains)
construct. odpady lm. użytkowe; odpadki lm. użytkowe
old junk [ʤʌŋk] n
gen. starocie graty; starzyzna f
 English thesaurus
Junk [ʤʌŋk] abbr.
abbr., file.ext. .jnk (file name extension)
st.exch., abbr. J
junked abbr.
abbr., oil jnk
junk: 13 phrases in 4 subjects
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