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potentiometer [pə'tenʃɪ'ɔmɪtə] n
anal.chem. potencjometr m (in electrochemistry)
chem. potencjometr m
comp., MS potencjometr (A circuit element that can be adjusted to provide varying amounts of resistance. The twist-knob and slider-type volume controls on many radios and television sets are potentiometers)
construct. kompensator m; dzielnik napięcia
measuring potentiometer [pə'tenʃɪ'ɔmɪtə] n
el., meas.inst. kompensator napięcia
 English thesaurus
potentiometer [pə'tenʃɪ'ɔmɪtə] abbr.
abbr. pot
abbr., electr.eng. pot (разг. Andrey Truhachev)
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