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star [stɑ:] n
gen. grać
auto.ctrl. sieć gwiaździsta
comp., MS gwiazda m (A unit of measure used to allot a column or row a weighted proportion of available screen space)
zoot. gwiazdka f (na czole konia)
little star [stɑ:] n
gen. gwiazdka mała gwiazda
starring... v
gen. w filmie wystąpili...
star [stɑ:] adj.
gen. gwiezdny
 English thesaurus
star [stɑ:] n
cinema A famous actor.
tech., abbr. st
STAR [stɑ:] abbr.
abbr. Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon; Situation, Task, Action, Results; Shareware Trade Association and Resources (organization); Skill Talent And Achievement Recognition; space technology and advanced research; self tuning adaptive regulator
abbr., astronaut. Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports (NASA)
abbr., astronaut., mil. Simultaneous Transmit and Receive
abbr., auto. self test automatic readout; self test automated readout; stolen auto recovery system
abbr., avia. standard arrival route (MichaelBurov); SIDs and STARs (4uzhoj); standard instrument arrival; Standard Arrival Chart (Helenia); scientific and technical report; simultaneous transmission and reception; standard terminal arrival, standard terminal arrival route; strategic and tactical airborne reconnaissance; system test action request; system threat analysis report; systems tested for avionics research
abbr., avia., Canada standard terminal arrival
abbr., ed. Standardized Test For Assessment Of Reading; Student Teacher Achievement Recognition
abbr., ed., scient. Science Technology And Research; Scottish Technology And Research; Students Taking Action And Responsibility
abbr., el. satellite telecommunications with automatic routing; scaled transistor and resistor process; significant technical achievement in research; software technical assistance recognition; spectral technology and applied research; standard telecommunications automatic recognizer; statistical table assembly and retrieval; steerable array radar; system training analysis report
abbr., file.ext. Self Defining Text Archival
abbr., lab.eq. Study of Tamoxifen And Raloxifene
abbr., med. Steroidogenic Acute Regulatory (protein); Study Of Tamoxifen And Raloxifene; Supplemental Transport Ambulance Resource; steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (inspirado)
abbr., med.appl. signal targeting and alternating radiofrequency (harser)
abbr., mil. Simulation in Training for Advanced Readiness; System Threat Assessment Report; Space/Time Adaptive Research (system); scheduled theater airlift route; sensitive target approval and review; standard attribute reference; standard terminal arrival route; surface-to-air recovery; system threat assessment report
abbr., mil., air.def. signal terminal area radar; statistical treatment of radar return
abbr., mil., astronaut. satellite communications automatic routing; satellite telecommunications automatic routing
abbr., oil automatic residual static analysis techniques; Schlumberger Transient Analysis Report; simultaneous acoustic/resistivity (log); steam activated reforming (process)
abbr., physiol. Strategic and Tactical Axiomatic Response
abbr., radio standard instrument arrival (standard instrument arrival routes Leonid Dzhepko)
abbr., scottish SCOPE Trusted Automatic Router; Strategic & Tactical Airborne Recovery; Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance; Submarine Target
abbr., securit. short-term auction rate
abbr., sol.pow. SolarTechnology Associated Report (AllaR)
abbr., space satellite telecommunication with automatic routing; self-testing and repair; ship tended acoustic relay; space thermionic auxiliary reactor; strongback array
abbr., tech. special terminal arrival routes
abbr., transp. Standard Terminal Arrival Route
el., abbr. Simultaneous transmitted and reflected
energ.ind., abbr. stop, think, act, review
invest., abbr. securities transferred and repackaged
mil., abbr. selective training and retention; self-testing and repairing; ship tactical airborne RPV; specialized training and reassignment; stacked array radar; staging area; standard approach route; supersonic tactical antiradar; support through aerial resupply; surveillance, threat assessment report
tech. satellite telecommunications automatic routing system; star and stellar systems advisory committee
tech., abbr. Signaal terminal area radar; ship-tended acoustic relay; shuttle telescopes for astronomical research program; small tactical airborne recorder; standard tantalum active resonator; stellar attitude reference system; surveillance and target acquisition radar; systems test bed for avionics research
Star [stɑ:] abbr.
abbr., space satellite for telecom, application and research; starboard
StAR [stɑ:] abbr.
abbr. steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (peregrin)
STAR [stɑ:] abbr.
abbr., avia. supersonic tactical anti-radar missile
STAR [stɑ:] abbr.
abbr. Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports; system for telephone administrative response
abbr., comp. standard routine
abbr., earth.sc. statistical analysis routine; system of telemetry for acquisition and recording
abbr., math. smooth threshold autoregressive model (clck.ru dimock)
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Antennas and waveguides2
Automatic control1
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Electric motors1
Electricity generation3
Power system protection2