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cart [kɑːt] n
gen. wózek m; wóz m; fura wóz
agric. podwoda; furmanka f; wóz zaprzężony w konie; fura f; kosz m; pudło
tech. wagonik m; wagonetka f; wózek na szynach
horse-drawn cart [kɑːt] n
gen. zaprzęg m
cart [eɪ'kɑ:teɪ] adj.
agric. skrzynia
 English thesaurus
cart abbr.
abbr. cartage (Vosoni); cartridge; cairt (КГА)
cartogr. cartographer; cartographic; cartographical
cart. abbr.
abbr., dril. cartage
abbr., earth.sc. cartography
abbr., mil. chart index
abbr., mining. cartridge
CART abbr.
abbr. Coins For Alzheimer's Research Trust; Committee Appointed Review Team; Computer-Assisted Radar Tomography; computer-aided real-time transcription (Artjaazz); collision avoidance radar trainer
abbr., avia. center automatic reliability tester
abbr., busin. cartography
abbr., comp., net., IT Communication Access Real Time
abbr., ed., scient. Center of Advanced Research and Technology
abbr., el. complete automatic reliability testing; computer-assisted radiation therapy
abbr., IT Classification And Regression Tree; CMS Abstraction and Reporting Tool; classification and regression tree
abbr., ling. Communication Access Realtime Translation (Reklama); computer-assisted real-time transcription (Reklama)
abbr., med. Cocaine And Amphetamine Regulated Transcript
abbr., mil. Compact Array Radiolocation Technology; Conformal Array Radar Technology
abbr., scient. Computer Assisted Radar Tomography
abbr., scottish Combat Aircraft Repair Team; Commander's Assessment of Readiness & Training (US Navy)
abbr., sport. Championship Auto Race Team; Championship Auto Race Teams; Championship Auto Racing Team; Championship Auto Racing Teams
abbr., stat. classification and regression trees
abbr., transp. Citizen Advocating Responsible Transport
mil. central automatic reliability tester; completed and ready for test
ocean., nautic., scient. Cloud and Radiation Testbed
tech. centralized automatic recorder and tester; computerized automatic rating technique
cartog. [eɪ'kɑ:teɪ] abbr.
abbr. cartographer; cartography; cartographic; cartographical
cART abbr.
abbr. combination antiretroviral therapy (комбинированная антиретровирусная терапия Dimpassy)
Cart. abbr.
abbr. Carter's Reports
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