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pad [pæd] n
gen. podkładka; kłębek m; mieszkanko n; mościć; płatek gazy
anat. łapa (of fox, wolf, hare, u zwierząt)
build.struct. poduszka f; łożysko n; płyta łożyskowa; klocek podporowy
PAD [pæd] n
comp., MS polecenie zapłaty (A withdrawal from a customer's account to pay bills or make loan payments that is initiated by a company or financial institution which has the customer's written authority to do so)
knee pad [pæd] n
gen. nakolannik m
Pad [pæd] n
comp., MS Wypełnienie (The default gradient brush option where the color values at the ends of the gradient vector fill the remaining space)
gauze pad [pæd] n
gen. gazik tamponik
pad of a foundation [pæd] n
pwr.lines. stopa fundamentu
 English thesaurus
pad [pæd] abbr.
abbr. padlock
O&G frac fluid without proppants (Dictionary of Petroleum Exploration, Drilling & Production. By Norman J. Hyne Belk)
slang a place to live (Have you found a pad yet?)
PAD [pæd] abbr.
abbr. Preauthorized Electronic Debit; Pressure Anomaly Detection; Product And Application Development; Punks Against Discrimination; preauthorized electronic debit (Alexander Matytsin); Packet Assembler-Disassembler (Networking); Packet Assembling Disassembling (CCITT, X.3, X.28, X.29, PSDN); padder (capacitor); Pipe Aquisition Disorder; Predicted Area of Danger; Public Assistance Director (US); Pueblo Army Depot
abbr., auto. padded; padding; passenger airbag disabled
abbr., avia. Paderborn, Germany; parts availability date; partner agreement document; passive air defense; program approval document; programmable automation data; propellant actuated device
abbr., BrE passive air defence
abbr., busin. port of air debarkation
abbr., commun. Packet Assembler/ Disassembler
abbr., comp. Peer Authorization Database (translator911)
abbr., comp., net. packet assembly and disassembly; packet assembly/disassembly
abbr., comp., net., IT Packet Assembler Disassembler; Personal Access Device
abbr., dat.proc. packet assembler/disassembler
abbr., dentist. PAD technology (MichaelBurov); photo activated decontamination (MichaelBurov); photo activated disinfection (MichaelBurov); photo activated disinfection technology (MichaelBurov); photo-activated decontamination (MichaelBurov); photo-activated disinfection (MichaelBurov); photoactivated disinfection (MichaelBurov); photoactivated oral disinfection (MichaelBurov)
abbr., earth.sc. program of adaptive division
abbr., EBRD project appraisal document (kotechek)
abbr., ed. Patience And Discipline; Public Access To Defibrillators
abbr., ed., scient. Presidents And Academic Deans
abbr., el. packet assembler/disassembler protocol; page address register; path attenuation device; PCM adapter; peripheral adapter; photoacoustic deflection; post-alloy diffusion; priority of A/D conversion; program associated data; pulse amplitude discriminator
abbr., electr.eng. power amplifier driver
abbr., file.ext. Packet Assembler/Disassembler; Positioning Arm Disc; Keypad definition (Telemate)
abbr., immunol. pulsed amperometric detector (harser)
abbr., insur. Payment against documents
abbr., IT Keypad definition; Packet Assembler / Disassembler; Packet Assembly Disassembly; Picture A Day; Portable Application Description; packet assembling/disassembling
abbr., law Peoples Awareness Of Disabilities
abbr., logist. Port Additionals (Dues)
abbr., med. Peripheral Arterial Disease; Peripheral Artery Disease; Pulmonary Artery Diastolic; peripheral arterial disease; peripheral artery disease (pathway); pre aid to the disabled
abbr., mil. Payload And Delivery; Personnel Administration For Divisions; Pipe Acquisition Disorder; Pre Advisory Data; Panel on Air defense; Panel on Air Defence (NATO); patient administration director; positional adjustment; precision aircraft direction
abbr., mil., air.def. power adjust
abbr., mil., arm.veh. Protection Areal Density (qwarty)
abbr., mil., avia. packet assembler/disassembler
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. Preliminary Approved Discharge; Production and Drilling
abbr., oil paragon acid dispersion; pad assembly/disassembly; Panama district; platform attachment device; pressure anomaly difference
abbr., pharm. Pharmacology active dose (iwona)
abbr., physiol. primary afferent depolarization
abbr., physiol., med. Photo Activated Disinfection; Pop And Drop
abbr., progr. problem analysis diagram (ssn)
abbr., scottish Planning Analysis Document; Point Air Defence; Preliminary Analysis Document (NATO)
abbr., sec.sys. personal authentication device
abbr., semicond. photoelectron angular distribution
abbr., space perimeter air defense; permanent ammunition depot; picture assembly device; photo amplifier detector
abbr., sport. Professional Association of Diving Instructors
abbr., surg. percutaneous abscess drainage (чрескожное дренирование абсцесса doc090)
abbr., tech. propellant-activated device
abbr., transp. Petroleum Administration for Defense
account. Preauthorized electronic debits
energ.ind. primary air duct; product assurance data
mil. Panama air depot; permissible accumulated dose; pilotless aircraft division; point air defense; pontoon assembly depot; pontoon assembly detachment; poor acquisition data; port of aerial debarkation; preferred arrival date; program action directive; program analysis division; project approval document; propellant-actuated device; proposal for advanced development; provisional acceptance date; provisional air division; public affairs division
tech. particle accelerator division; passive electronic decoy; performance analysis and design; predicated area of danger system; programmable address decoder
PADS abbr.
abbr. Public Action To Deliver Shelter; Performance Analysis and Design Synthesis; Performing Arts Data Service (Vosoni)
abbr., auto. passenger airbag disarm switch
abbr., avia. pneumatic air distribution system; precision aerial deliver system; program planning and control automated data system
abbr., el. passive-active data simulation; personnel automatic data system; photoacoustic deflection spectroscopy; plasma assisted dry soldering; precision aerial display system
abbr., file.ext. Pen Application Development System (Slate Corporation)
abbr., mil. Position Azimuth Determining System; Precision Air Drop System; Position/Azimuth Determining System; position azimuth determining system
abbr., mil., air.def. positioning and azimuth determining system
abbr., mil., avia. Army precision aerial delivery system
abbr., oil portable arctic drilling structure
abbr., scottish Penetration Aid Deployment System; Position & Azimuth Determining System; Position Attack Defence System
abbr., sec.sys., IT Protected Archives Distribution System
abbr., space performance analysis display system; primary attitude determination system
abbr., transp. Planned Arrival and Departure System
abbr., vet.med., med. People and Dogs Society
mil. passive advanced sonobuoy; passive/active data simulation; penetration aids deployment system; personnel automated data system; precision aerial delivery system
tech. parametric array Doppler sonar; passive acoustic detection sonobuoy; performance analysis data sheet; personnel access data system; plant alarm and display system; position and azimuth determining system; precision attitude determination system
PADs n
astronaut. Partner Affiliate Distributors (GeOdzzzz)
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