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transducer [trænz'dju:sə] n
construct. przemiennik m; sterownik m; nadajnik m; czujnik m; przekaźnik m
IT, tech., el. przetwornik do pomiaru; przetwornik
signal transducer [trænz'dju:sə] n
el.mach. przetwornik sygnału
electrical measuring transducer [trænz'dju:sə] n
el., meas.inst. przetwornik pomiarowy elektryczny
energy transducer [trænz'dju:sə] n
el.mach. przetwornik energii
 English thesaurus
transducer [trænz'dju:sə] abbr.
abbr., auto. TRANS TRDCR
abbr., electr.eng. xder
abbr., IT trans
metrol. A device which accepts information in the form of a physical and chemical variable its input variable and converts it into an output variable of the same or another nature, according to a definite law
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