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AC [ə] abbr.
abbr., adm.law. administrative code (igisheva)
abbr., adv. advertising campaign (Mrs_Andromeda)
abbr., airccon. air conditioner (Val_Ships)
abbr., law, copyr. author's certificate (igisheva)
abbr., progr. address calculation (ssn); allocation class (ssn)
Ac [ə] abbr.
abbr. alto-cumulus
abbr., earth.sc. acmite; acrylonitrile
abbr., met. arrest point on chauffage (heating)
abbr., oil acreage; actinolite
chem. acylate (Углов)
Ac. abbr.
abbr. acetone; acetyl
abbr., chem. acetate; acyl; alicyclic
abbr., earth.sc. academy
AC [ə] abbr.
abbr. Alliance Committee; Air Canada; attribute-based conjunctive conceptual clustering; Abstinence Committed; Academic Community; Academic Counsellor; accelerator (ускоритель; акселератор; дроссельная заслонка Углов); Access Control (Token Ring); accommodative convergence; account control (бухгалтерский надзор Углов); Acetic Acid; Action Center; Active Count; Activity Center; adjacent channel (соседний канал Углов); Adriana Cool; Advanced Control; Advanced Credit; Adventure Club; Advisory Council; aeroclub (аэроклуб Углов); aerodynamic center; Aerodynamic Code; aerospace chamber; Aerospace Corporation; After Chemo; after Christ; After Class; After Creation; After Crowning; After The Cataclysm; Agency Characteristic; air compressor (воздушный компрессор Углов); Air Controller; Air Cooling; Air Crew; Airframe Change; Alan Cox; Albert Champion; Alcohol Concentration; aligned continuous (волокнит с параллельным расположением непрерывных армирующих волокон; FRP Углов); All Clear; All Conditions; Alley Cat; Alliance Capital Management Holdings, L P; Allied Command; Allied Commander; Allis Chalmers; alphabetic character (буквенно-алфавитный символ Углов); Alternate Character; alternating component (Vosoni); Alvin Crawford; Always Connected; Always Crap; Ambulance Chaser; Ammonium Citrate; Amphibious Command; Amphibious Corps; Amplifier Combination; Anal Catch; Anal Cunt; Analyst Certification; Andersen Consulting; angling club (клуб рыболовного спорта Углов); Animal Control; Annual Conference; anodal closing (анодное замыкание Углов); Anonymous Coward; Anti Christ; Anti-Coincidence Counters; Anticoagulation Clinic; Apache Configurator; Apellate Court; Appeal Cases; Appeal Court; Appellate Court (апелляционный суд Углов); Application Context; Applied Communication; Applied Communications; Appropriation Committee; Archaeological Conservancy; Arctic Cat; Arctic Circle (Северный полярный круг Углов); Area Code; Area Consultant; Area Coordinator; Arizona And California; Armed Constabulary; Armor Class; armored cable (бронированный кабель Углов); Armour Class; Army Company; Army Component; Army Comptroller; Aromatic Carbon; Art Center; Artillery College; asbestos cement; Asheron's Call; Asphalt Concrete; Ass Crammer; Assist-Control (a form of mechanical ventilation); Assistant Camera; Assistant Commissioner; Assumption Context; Athletic Club; Atlanta Constitution (газета "Атланта конститьюшн" (США) Углов); Atlantic Council; Atlantic Crossing; Atlas-Centaur; Attack City; Audio Code; Audio Coding; Auto Carrier; automatic computer (автоматический вычислитель; автоматическая вычислительная машина, автоматический компьютер Углов); Automation and Communications; Autonomous Control; AVX Corporation; current account (Vosoni); cyanic acid (циановая [синильная, синеродистая] кислота Углов); The Art Clan; Aero Club; air cooled; air coordinator; Air Council; aircraft cruiser; Amphibian Command; armoured car; automation centre; athlete club
abbr., account. amortised cost (Boris54); amortized cost (Boris54)
abbr., agric., chem. ammonium chloride
abbr., amer. Atlantic City , NJ (Val_Ships)
abbr., anat. anterior chamber (of the eye)
abbr., anim.husb. avian chlamydiosis; available carbohydrate
abbr., astronaut. acoustic center
abbr., austral. Companion of the Order of Australia (Wiana)
abbr., auto. air conditioner conditioning; air cycling; altitude compensator; attention control; automobile club; automobile control; automobile crane
abbr., automat. above center; adaptive control; application control
abbr., avia. advisory circular (MichaelBurov); aerodrome control; aeroplane characteristics (Interex); air carrier; altitude code; analog common (Interex); action code; air cleaner; aircraft certificate; aircraft airplane configuration; aircraft airplane contract; altitude capability; Academic Counselling; antenna coupler; above clouds; acceptability criteria; accomplishment criteria; active control; actual cost; actuating cylinder; adaptability control; adapter control; advance change; advanced composites; adapter current; aerial combat; aerodynamic configuration; air clear; air condition (conditioning); aircraft classification; aircraft configuration; aircraft contract; aircraft control; airfoil classification; airlift capability; airplane characteristic; airplane characteristic for airport planning; airplane configuration; airport classification; airspace capacity; airspace classification; airworthiness certificate; alpha code; alternating; altimeter correction; altitude capture; aluminum clad; aperiodic compass; aperture card; applications context; applications controller; approach control; arrival center; assemble and checkout; attitude control; automated customized; avionics computer
abbr., bank. settlement account (MichaelBurov); current account (MichaelBurov)
abbr., biol. activator; aerobic capacity for work; antiphlogistic corticoid (Углов); anatomical conjugate
abbr., biotechn. acceptance criteria (TorroRosso); Adhesion complex (Altuntash)
abbr., BrE admiral commanding; air commodore; aircraftman; Army Council
abbr., busin. acceptance; accept cargo; accepted; aluminium casting; anne courante; armored cable; arrangement committee
abbr., chem. cyanic acid; hydrocyanic acid; affinity chromatography
abbr., commer. American condition
abbr., commun. authenticity control; attendant's console; Access Controller (WLAN); Acknowledgement Center; Alternative Current
abbr., commun., amer. attendant's console
abbr., comp., net. access control
abbr., cust. Appraising Officer (Cathriona)
abbr., dril. air compressor; air conditioner
abbr., earth.sc. accommodative capacity; accumulation coefficient; acetaldehyde; acicular; acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer; actinote; Adamowski criterion; adsorption column; advection-channeling (Model); aerated concrete; Alabama College; Alma College; Amarillo College; anhydrite-chalcopyrite; annual cycle; Antarctic Convergence; arctic circle; asphalt cement; associated costs; astronomical constant; astronomical constants; autoanalysis Colilert test
abbr., ecol. absorbent charcoal
abbr., econ. annual cost; annual cost method; third-class ship
abbr., el. access concentrator; access condition; access controller; access coupler; add carry; add connection; addressable converter; address carry; addressing capacity; admission control; advice of charge; airborne computer; air combat; algorithm control; alphabetic coding; alternating cycle; angular correlation; anion-host cation (distance); aperture correction; application call; application channel; arithmetic coding; audio perceptual coding system; authentication center; authentication code; automated clearing; automatic coding; auxiliary carry; auxiliary channel; awaiting connection; auxiliary code
abbr., electr.eng. accuracy check; automatic checkout
abbr., electric. alternating current
abbr., file.ext. Autocheck; Automatic Computer; Spooled plot file (AutoCAD AutoSpool)
abbr., fin. agricultural component; accounting criterion (allag); active capital
abbr., hist. Air Corps; Atlantic Charter (Углов)
abbr., invest. assistant cashier
abbr., isol. air clearance (igisheva)
abbr., IT access class; acoustic coupler; attachment circuit; audio codec
abbr., lab.eq. Active Component
abbr., lat. Ante Christum ("before Christ")
abbr., law administrative case (bajituka)
abbr., math. absolutely continuous; axiom of choice; almost certain
abbr., med. Acceleration; Acetyl; Acid; Acromioclavicular; Antecubital; Atrial Contraction; Axiocervical; Acidified Complement; Acinetobacter Calcoaceticus; Activated Charcoal; Acupuncture Clinic; Acute Cholecystitis; Adenocarcinoma; Adenylate Cyclase; Adherent Cell; Adrenocorticoid; Adriamycin/cyclophosphamide; Air Chamber; Air Conditioning; Angiocellular; Anterior Cephalic Vein; Before Meals; adrenal cortex; air conduction; axiocervical; abdominal circumference (vlad-and-slav); ante cibum (до еды Баян); anticoagulant (harser); before meals (перед приемом пищи Dimpassy); atriocarotid; acetylcholine; Adriamycinum, Cyclophosphanum; air changes; anticomplementary; anti-inflammatory corticoid; aortic closure; arm circumference; arterialized capillary; asynchronic contraction; auriculocarotid; autocorrelation
abbr., med.appl. attenuation correction (Ying)
abbr., met. arc cutting
abbr., meteorol. airdrome control; altitude control; automatic
abbr., mil. Airborne Component; aircraft commander; Amplitude Comparison; aviation cadet; active component; activity code; administrative company; advanced course; air command; air component; air controlman; air cooperation; aircraft carrier; aircrewman; ambulance company; ammunition column; ammunition corporal; antiradar coating; antireflection coating; approach chart; armored car; armored carrier; armored cavalry; Army contract; Army corps; artillery controller; assigned contractor; assistant chief; auxiliary command; availability code; airspace control; augmentation capability
abbr., mil., air.def. anti clutter
abbr., mil., navy anticountermining device (Углов); armored cruiser (Углов); attack center (Углов)
abbr., mil., WMD adapter cradle; alternate current; hydrogen cyanide
abbr., O&G assembly connections (Oleg_); acceptance commission (Aiduza)
abbr., O&G, karach. BHC Acoustic Log (Baker Atlas tool Aiman Sagatova)
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. advance capital (Yeldar Azanbayev)
abbr., O&G, sakh. Advisory Committee (Sakhalin Energy)
abbr., oil alkaline consumption; abandoned channel; abandonment cost; abrupt contact; absolute contribution; abstract card; current; access code; acetate; acetate cellulose; acoustilog (acoustic log); acoustic travel time; activate counter; activated clay; adapter cable; additional catalogue; address/control; Adhesive and Sealant Council; adjustment calibration; advanced composite; aggregate channel; aiming circle; annular control; air condenser; air coolled; all colors; allyl chloride; alternative copolymer; aluminum casting; American conditions (insurance); anodal closure; antenna current; anti-collision; anti-corrosive; anti-crystallizing (rubber); arithmetic computation; arithmetic controller; asphalt cement-bond; association contract; Atlantic coast; Atlantic coastal plain; atmospheric compartment; atmospheric condenser; atmospheric al control; Austin chalk; automatic clutch; automatic configuration; automatic controller; automation center; crystalline acmite; normal space acoustilog
abbr., oncol. agranulocytosis (iwona); adriamycin + cytoxan (Ying); adriamycin + cyclophosphamide (Ying)
abbr., org.name. Animals Committee
abbr., pharm. adriamycin and cyclophosphamide
abbr., physiol. Abdominal Circumference; Acromio Clavicular; AcromioClavicular
abbr., polit. Antigua and Barbuda
abbr., polym. aircooled; ally chloride; asbestos cloth; azodicarbonamide
abbr., post actual count
abbr., progr. automatic computer (автоматическая вычислительная машина ssn)
abbr., qual.cont. associate contractor
abbr., scottish Absolute Ceiling; Advisory Circular; Aerodynamic Centre; Airworthiness Committee; Altocumulus; Analyst Console; Area Coverage antenna; Armament Control; Hydrogen Cyanide (Chemical warfare blood agent (also HCN))
abbr., shipb. anticorrosion
abbr., silic. alumina cement
abbr., soil. acrisol; acid igneous/metamorphic rock
abbr., space actinometric instrument; address counter; Anti-Clutter
abbr., sport. Arnold Classic (eugeene1979); athletic club
abbr., stat. Administrative Circular
abbr., tech. adaptable control; altocumulus cloud; corriente alterna (CA); air-cooled refrigerated containers; aero-plane carrier
abbr., telecom. AC voltage; authentication centre (Georgy Moiseenko)
abbr., textile agent of carrier; air cargo
Apollo-Soyuz Apollo commander
el. Activated carbon
energ.ind. absorption coefficient; acid corrosion; action committee; actuation circuitry; advanced computing; aerodynamic coefficients; allegation coordinator; alternating-current; analytical calculations; application category; arc welder; assimilative capacity; atmospheric cracking; augmented citation; auxiliary controls
Gruzovik, abbr., IT alignment check
law account current; administrative county; author's corrections
physiol., med. Acute
tech. absolute code; abstract code; access cycle; account card; acid concentrator; acquisition cycle; address code; adjustment-calibration; administrative controls; admiralty coefficient; aerial current; allegations coordinator; alpha numeric character; analog circuit; analytical chemist; anticorrosive; asynchronous computer; attack center; attack console; attitude control system; audio center; autocollimator; automatic control; auxiliary console; average cost; azimuth comparator
AC$ abbr.
abbr., IT Spooled plot file
ac [ə] abbr.
abbr. account (Vosoni); acre; active; activity; additional copy; air conditioning; air-cooled; altocumulus (об облачности Leonid Dzhepko); analog computer; author's correction
abbr., med. before a meal
abbr., oil axial centrifugal
abbr., pharma. preprandial (Andrey Truhachev)
cartogr. acres
el. accumulator
med. before meals (Vosoni)
mil. aircraft
O&G acidizing
polym. acid
unit.meas. acre
Ac [ə] abbr.
abbr. academy; acceptance number; amplitude of compressional wave; acyl; alicyclic; Actinium
abbr., el. acetyl (radical)
abbr., plast. acetyl radical
insur. Aftercastle
ac. abbr.
abbr. accumulator; acetyl chloride; active; activity
abbr., dril. acre
abbr., earth.sc. acid
abbr., med. academic; accuracy; acute
Ac. abbr.
abbr., med. actinium
aC [ə] abbr.
abbr. abcoulomb (абсолютный кулон, единица электрического заряда в системе СГСМ Углов)
med. arabinosylcytosine
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