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arc [ɑ:k] n
gen. łuk m
anal.chem. łuk elektryczny
electric arc [ɑ:k] n
magn. łuk elektryczny
arc [ɑ:k] adj.
gen. łukowy
 English thesaurus
arc [ɑ:k] n
avia., Canada The track over the ground of an aircraft flying at a constant distance from a NAVAID by reference to distance measuring equipment (DME)
.arc n
file.ext. Archive (file name extension)
ARC [ɑ:k] abbr.
abbr. AAD Ref Code (4uzhoj); abnormal retinal correspondence; Accounting Requirements Code; Aramaic; application registration card (NFmusic); Advanced Reproductive Care (ННатальЯ); Accountancy regulary Commitee
abbr., AI. Alignment Research Center (MichaelBurov)
abbr., anim.husb. American Render Council; Associated Research Center
abbr., auto. Anti Roll Control (translator911); automatic ride control; active ride control system; adjustable ride control; automatic ride control system
abbr., automat. American Research Corporation
abbr., avia. Airlines Reporting Corporation (MichaelBurov); air radio communications; Airworthiness Review Certificate (ЕленаЛ); ADF; Altitude Reservation Coordinator; Assessment Record Categories; automatic direction finder; automatic direction-finding equipment; acquisition review council; advanced reentry concepts; air refueling computer; air reserve component; airborne radio channel; airborne radio communication; airworthiness requirements committee; application and resource control; area reprogramming capability; authorized release certificate; automated routing control; automatic rollout control; auxiliary rollout control; aviation research center
abbr., avia., Canada automatic radio compass
abbr., avia., med. Ames Research Center
abbr., BrE Aeronautical Research Council
abbr., comp., net. attached resource computer
abbr., el. active reflection coefficient; adaptive residual coder; Administrative Radio Conference; advanced RISC computing; airborne radio communications; Altera reconfigurable computer; alternate route cancel; Amateur Radio Committee; amplitude of reflection coefficient; anti-reflective coating; area radio controller; arithmetic coding; aspect ratio conversion; audio response control; automatic and remote power controller; automatic restart card; access rights class
abbr., file.ext. Archive format (ARC, PKARC/PKXARC, PKPAK/PKUNPAK Vosoni); Augmentation Research Center (US)
abbr., fin. administrative reference code; Association of Retailing Companies (MichaelBurov); Russia Association of retailing companies (MichaelBurov)
abbr., foreig.aff. Autonomous Republic of Crimea
abbr., IT Advanced RISC Computer; attached resource computer system
abbr., lab.eq. Antigen Responsive Cell
abbr., lit. advance reading copy (Pickman)
abbr., mech. Automatic Recirculation Control (voldemar_s)
abbr., med. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome-related Complex; Antigen Reactive Cell; Arthrogryposis-renal Dysfunction-cholestasis (syndrome); Association For Retarded Citizens Of The United States (name Changed To: The Arc); Academic research consortium (Консорциум по академическим исследованиям Liza G.); arthrogryposis-renal dysfunction-cholestasis (syndrome iwona); antigenreactive cell; Arthritis and Rheumatism Council
abbr., mil. air Reserve Components; American Red Cross; Acquisition Review Committee; Aeronautical Research Committee; Air Rescue Center; Annual Review Committee; Army Reserve Corps; armoured personnel carrier; automatic range control arc
abbr., mil., air.def. active radar calibrator; anti-reflection coating
abbr., mil., avia. accept-reject criterion
abbr., mil., WMD accelerating rate calorimetry; accounting requirement code
abbr., model. Advance Reading Copy
abbr., nano anti-reflecting coating; antireflection coating
abbr., neurol. arcuate nucleus (of the hypothalamus MichaelBurov)
abbr., org.name. Regional Conference for Africa; Alliance of Religions and Conservation; Associated Research Centre
abbr., physiol. Aerobic Respiration Control
abbr., polym. automatic ratio control; automatic remote control
abbr., progr. Advanced Resource Connector (ssn)
abbr., publish. advance reading copy (Kathar)
abbr., R&D. Australian Research Council (MichaelBurov)
abbr., railw. Aqaba Railway Corporation
abbr., scottish Acoustic Research Center (USA); Advanced Re-entry Concept; Armada Republica de Colombia (Colombian Navy)
abbr., shipb. automatic rudder control; cable repairing ship
abbr., welf. AIDS Related Complex
ecol., abbr. acceptable residual concentration
el., abbr. Antireflective coating
mil., abbr. Army regulations with changes; adjusted range correction; advanced reentry concept; advanced research center; ammunition regulating center; annual report of the council; anti-riot cartridge; area coordination review; area of responsibility center; armored car; augmentation research center; automatic range control; Cable Ship
ocean., abbr. Automated Radiotheodolite
tech., abbr. airborne radio communicating; alarm response card; alliance research center; alternative repair criteria; analyzer-recorder-controller; antireflecting coating; automatic error correction; automatic relay calculator; auxiliary relay cabinet; average response computer
Arc [ɑ:k] abbr.
abbr. Archimedes number at cyclone
abbr., oil Archaean
ARc [ɑ:k] abbr.
abbr., soil. calcaric arenosol
ARC [ɑ:k] abbr.
abbr. Authorization Response Code (SAKHstasia); alien registration card (kee46); anti-reflect coating; anomalous retinal correspondence; Aeronautical Research Commission; Agricultural Research Council; Aircraft Radio Corp.; American Radio Corp.; American Research Corp.; Application Research Corp.; Atlantic Research Corp.; automatic relay computer
abbr., bank. Accounts Receivable Conversion (Сканирование бумажных чеков преобразуя их в электронный платёж Interex)
abbr., busin. Additional Resource Charge (2eastman); accident resistant container; average revenue curve; automated rent collection; automatic revenue collection
abbr., earth.sc. American Resource Corp.; Area Resources Center; assured refill curve; Atlantic Research Corporation (US); automatic resolution control
abbr., hydroel.st. auto-reclosing
abbr., IT automatic request for correction
abbr., oil acid resistant cement; acid response curve; Alberta Research Council; amphibious research craft; amplitude ratio characteristic; analytical reservoir characterization; arithmetic control section; array resistivity compensated (tool); articulated column; atmospheric reduced crude; automated recirculation control; automated remote control; automatic radio control; automatic rate changer; automatic reset counter; auxiliary roll control
abbr., radio.amat. amateur radio club
abbr., space aggregation of red blood cells; American Russian Cosmos, LTD; automatically repaired computer
abbr., telecom. audio response control unit
abbr., UN, AIDS. AIDS-related complex
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