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cab [kæb] n
gen. dorożka f
agric. budka
forestr. kabina f
driver's cab [kæb] n
gen. szoferka f
 English thesaurus
cab [kæb] abbr.
abbr. calibration
abbr., busin. cabriolet
mus.instr. guitar cab (also guitar cabinet: A guitar cabinet, or cab for short, is essentially a speaker housed in a wooden enclosure used to hook up to your guitar amp to output your guitar's sound. 'More)
transp. cabriolet (MichaelBurov)
cab. abbr.
abbr. cabinet
abbr., plast. cabriolet
.cab n
file.ext. Cabinet (file name extension, Microsoft)
CAB [kæb] abbr.
abbr., auto. computer-aided balancing; controller of anti-lock brake
Cab [kæb] abbr.
abbr., oil cabinet
CAB [kæb] abbr.
abbr. Civil Aeronautics Board; Clowns Acting Brutal; Country Analysis Brief; Customer Advisory Board; Career Activities Branch; Central Applications Board (Anglophile); Change Analysis Board; Cheap Ass Bastard; Cheap Assed Bastard; Citizens' Advice Bureau; Civil Affairs Battalion; Civil Affairs Brigade; Command Advisory Board; Consumer Affairs Bureau; Current Analysis Branch; Civil Aeronautics Bulletin
abbr., adv. Cable Advertising Bureau
abbr., avia. Civilian Aviation Board. (Interex); cabin (cabinet); Change Advisory Board; capital asset budget; change approval board; Civil Aviation Bureau; collision avoidance beacon; compressor air bleed; consequential are back; controlled atmosphere brazing; corrective action board; cost audit board
abbr., biotechn. crop-associated biodiversity
abbr., chem. cellulose acetate-butyrate
abbr., commer. Consumers' Advisory Board
abbr., desert. Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau
abbr., earth.sc. calc-alkali basalts
abbr., ed., scient. Campus Activities Board
abbr., el. channel adapter board; column address bits; communication acceleration board; computer address bus
abbr., el., scient. Competitive Analysis Benchmarking
abbr., expl. computer aided blasting
abbr., file.ext. Compressed Application Binary (Microsoft); Compressed Cabinet file (Microsoft)
abbr., fin. cyclically-adjusted fiscal balance; capital appreciation bond
abbr., food.ind. Certified Angus Beef; Conformity Assessment Body
abbr., IT Compressed Cabinet file
abbr., law conformity assessment body
abbr., med. Captive Air Bubble; Cellulose Acetate Butyrate; Coronary Artery Bypass; coronary artery bypass (Vosoni)
abbr., media. Canadian Association of Broadcasters
abbr., mil. Combat Aviation Brigade; Combined Arms Battalion; combat aviation brigade
abbr., mil., WMD combustion air blower; cost analysis brief
abbr., oil computer-aided building; consequential arc back; controlled atmosphere-brazing; Corrosion Advice Bureau
abbr., plast. cellulose acetate butylate; cellulose acetobutyrate
abbr., police Criminal Assets Bureau
abbr., polym. cellulose acetate butyrate
abbr., SAP.fin. Customer Advisory Board (swatimathur4)
abbr., scottish Civil Aeronautical Board; Common Avionics Baseline
abbr., st.exch. Cameron Ashley Building Products, Inc.
abbr., tech. course arrow block; cable
airports, avia. Cabinda, Angola
energ.ind. combustion analysis basics
mil. combat aviation battalion; critical air blast
pipes. cellulose aceto-buty-rate
CAB-L abbr.
abbr., mil. Combined Arms Battalion-
mil., abbr. Combined Arms Battalion- (Light)
CAB. abbr.
abbr. Civil Aeronautics Board
.CAB abbr.
file.ext. Cabinet (Microsoft)
CaB [kæb] abbr.
abbr. column and boom (MyxuH)
Cab. abbr.
insur. Cable
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