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aid [eɪd] v
gen. pomagać; pomoc
AID [eɪd] v
math. automatyczne wykrywanie interakcji
domestic aid [eɪd] v
amer. gosposia f
 English thesaurus
AIDS [eɪdz] abbr.
abbr., avia. aircraft airplane integrated data system
abbr., comp. automatic integrating debugging system
abbr., earth.sc. advanced impact drilling system; airborne integrated data system; American Institute for Decision Sciences; automatic inventory dispatching system
abbr., oil American Institute for Decision Science; artificial intelligence data system
abbr., space automatic integrated data system
abbr., UN, AIDS. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
aid [eɪd] abbr.
abbr. acute infectious disease
aid. abbr.
abbr., chem. aldehyde
AID [eɪd] abbr.
abbr., adv. Arbitron Information on Demand
abbr., auto. air injection diverter; air injection dual
abbr., avia. accident/incident/deficiency; aerospace information digest; airborne integrated data system; aircraft identification determination; aircraft installation delay; aircraft integrated data; argon ionization device; audit item disposition; Aircraft Installation Delay (Interex)
abbr., biol. artificial insemination with donor semen; artificial insemination with donor's semen
abbr., med. approval by individual diagnosis
Aid [eɪd] abbr.
abbr., life.sc. anti-idiotype antibody
abbr., oil aldehyde
AID [eɪd] abbr.
abbr. attention identifier key; Aeronautical Inspection Directorate; Aircraft Inspection Department; Advertisement Investigation Department (Lena Nolte); Application IDentifier (APDU); Attention Identification (Vosoni); Attention Interrupt Device (key, IBM); AUTODIN Interface Device (AUTODIN, Mil., USA); application interface device; Agency of International Development (Georgy Moiseenko)
abbr., archit. American Institute of Decorators
abbr., avia. altered item drawing
abbr., avia., amer. airport information desk-
abbr., bank. automatic identification (автоматическая идентификация Лорина); Application Identifier (банковские карты aht)
abbr., biotechn. auxin-inducible degron (Altuntash)
abbr., BrE Army Intelligence Department
abbr., busin. Agency for International Development
abbr., dril. Applications Interface Devices
abbr., earth.sc. acronyms and initialisms dictionary; analogue interface device; automated industrial drilling
abbr., econ. Agency for International Development
abbr., el. adatom-interstitial-dimer model; alignment indicating device; analog interface device; applications interface device; asymmetrical interferometer device; avalanche induced dispersion; avalanche injection diode
abbr., forestr. aerial ignition device
abbr., immunol. autoimmune disease
abbr., IT attention identifier; application identifier; associative interactive dictionary; automatic information distribution
abbr., lab.eq. Activation-Induced cytidine Deaminase
abbr., Makarov. automatic internal diagnosis; avalanche-injection diode
abbr., med. artificial insemination donor; Artificial Insemination By Donor; absolute iron deficiency (ННатальЯ); artificial insemination by donor
abbr., oil accident, incident, deficiencies; amphibious inhaul device; anomaly indicate detector; application interface devices; argon ionization detector; automatic industrial drilling; available internal distance
abbr., opt. airborne intelligent display; area imaging device
abbr., physiol. activation-induced deaminase
abbr., progr. application identifier (ssn)
abbr., scottish Air Information Dataset
abbr., stat. automatic interaction detection
abbr., telecom. auto interactive design
mil. abbreviated item description
mil., abbr. accident, incident, deficiency; active integral defense; advanced integrated display; attached inflatable decelerator
tech., abbr. accident identification display; aerosol ionization detector; air inlet damper; area identifier; auditory information display; automatic interaction detector; automatic internal diagnostics
tech., avia., amer. airport information desk
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