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 bridge [brɪʤ] n
pwr.lines. travers
 English thesaurus
 bridge [brɪʤ] n
IT Data link layer device developed in the early 1980s to connect local area networks LANs or create two separate LAN or wide area network WAN network segments from a single segment to reduce collision domains (A bridge acts as a store-and-forward device in moving frames toward their destination. This is achieved by analyzing the MAC header of a data packet, which represents the hardware address of an NIC)
mil., abbr. bdg; br; brdg; brg
 BRIDGE [brɪʤ] abbr.
abbr. Broadening And Redefining Individuality Diversity Goodwill And Excellence; Building Relations Internationally And Developing Global Education
abbr., ed. Building Rehabilitating Instructing Developing Growing And Employing; Building Resources In Developing General Education
abbr., ed., scient. Binational Regional Initiative Developing Greater Education
abbr., IT Building Restoring Initiating Developing Growing And Empowering
abbr., relig. Bringing Religion Ideas Discussion God To Everyone
 BRIDGES abbr.
abbr. Building Resources To Improve The Delivery Of Genuinely Effective Services; Building Respect In Diverse Groups To Enhance Sensitivity
abbr., ed. Beginners Road Into Directly Grasping English Spelling
 Bridge [brɪʤ] n
telecom., abbr. B
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