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 badge [bæʤ] n
comp., MS kort (A small icon, image or title that is associated with a user's name and that provides a visual indication of their role, contribution level, or other achievement or affiliation); indikator (An indication that appears on the lock screen or a tile to inform the user of recent activity or updates, such as number of email messages received, since the PC was locked or the app was last viewed)
 English thesaurus
 badge [bæʤ] abbr.
abbr., police shiel (разг.термин Val_Ships)
IT A card or other device that is presented or displayed to obtain access to an otherwise restricted facility, as a symbol of authority e.g., the police , or as a simple means of identification (Also used in advertising and publicity)
police shield (разг.термин Val_Ships)
 BADGE [bæʤ] abbr.
abbr. Base Air Defence Ground Experiment; Base Air Defense Ground Environment
abbr., chem. Bisphenol A Di-Glycidyl Ether (Алвико)
abbr., chem., scient. Bisphenol A Di Glicidyl Ether
abbr., law Balanced Approach To Drug And Gang Elimination
abbr., med. Bayesian Analysis Of Differential Gene Expression
abbr., scottish Base Air Defence Ground Equipment
tech. base air defense ground environment system
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