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 BAC [bæk] abbr.
comp., MS planlagde kostnader (The original project, resource, and assignment cost as shown in the baseline plan. The baseline cost is a snapshot of the cost at the time when the baseline plan was saved)
 English thesaurus
 BAC [bæk] abbr.
abbr. Bay Area Council; Brandon Augustus Caesar; Breath Analyzer Coordinator; Budgeted At Completion; Business Achievement Club; benzalkonium chloride (фарм. (бензалкония хлорид) aksolotle); Boeing Aircraft Company; British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education (ABelonogov); British Aerospace Corporation; British Air Commission; British Aircraft Corporation; British Aircraft Corporation III; British Association of Counselling (Anglophile); Broad Area Coverage; Budget Activity Code; Budget Advisory Committee
abbr., auto. bypass air control valve; blood alcohol concentration (встречается в водительских удостоверениях Tiny Tony)
abbr., avia. back course; Boeing airplane company; bus adapter control; Boeing process specification
abbr., biotechn. Bacterial artificial chromosome (Altuntash); bacterial artificial chromosome
abbr., brew. Brewer's Association of Canada (Канадская ассоциация производителей пива baletnica)
abbr., busin. billing and accounting computer
abbr., comp., net. balanced asynchronous class
abbr., Background Analysis Center; basic aluminum chloride; British Atlantic Committee
abbr., EBRD Business Advisory Council
abbr., ed. Breath Alcohol Concentration
abbr., energ.ind. boric acid concentrator (MichaelBurov); acid concentrator (MichaelBurov)
abbr., fishery boat activity coefficient
abbr., footb. Baltimore Colts
abbr., foreig.aff. Baltic Sea Business Advisory Council; Budget and Administrative Committee
abbr., immunol. bacterial antigen complex
abbr., IT Backup; binary asymmetric channel; binary-analog conversion
abbr., lab.eq. Bile Acid Concentration
abbr., med. Bacterial Adherent Colony; Bacterial Antigen Complex; Bacterial Artificial Chromosome; Blood Alcohol Concentration; Blood Alcohol Content; British Association Of Chemists; Bronchoalveolar Carcinoma; Bronchoalveolar Cells; Bacillus; blood alcohol concentration; Bronchioloalveolar cancer (Баян); Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma (Баян)
abbr., mil. Base Area Code; Basic Airborne Course; Budget At Completion
abbr., mil., WMD Budget at completion
abbr., O&G, sakh. Business Assurance Committee
abbr., oil buffer address counter; butyl acrylate
abbr., physiol. blood alcohol content
abbr., polit. business advisory council (MichaelBurov)
abbr., polym. British Association of Chemists
abbr., scottish Barometric Altitude Control; Battle Area Clearance
abbr., space binary-analog converter; Bell Aerospace Corporation; binary automatic computer; Boeing Aerospace Company; British Aerospace Company
abbr., sport. Beaches Aquatic Club
abbr., st.exch. BankAmerica Corporation
abbr., tradem. Bourn Again Creations
abbr., water.suppl. Biological Activated Carbon Process
abbr., winemak. blood alcohol concentration (концентрация алкоголя в крови (мг/мл) baletnica)
ecol. biological activated carbon
energ.ind. boiler as calorimeter; bus accessory compartment
mil. base area commandant; battle assessment calculator; bistatic alerting and cueing
tech. binary analog conversion; boric acid concentrator; buffer address counting
 bac [bæk] abbr.
abbr. bacillus; bacteria; bacteriological; bacteriology
 BAc [bæk] abbr.
abbr., org.chem. benzoic acid (igisheva)
med. Bachelor of Acupuncture (Бакалавр акупунктуры - одна из медицинских степеней в Великобритании Uncrowned king)
 Bac [bæk] abbr.
abbr., oil bacterial