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 ADMA abbr.
comp., MS Administrasjonsagent for Active Directory (The Identity Lifecycle Manager management agent provided by Microsoft to connect to Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) or Active Directory directory service)
 English thesaurus
 ADMA abbr.
abbr. American Drug Manufacturers' Association; Area Division Multiple Access (Mobile-Systems); Aviation Distributors' and Manufacturers' Association (оциация дистрибьюторов и производителей авиационного оборудования,Ассоциация авиационных промышленных и торговых предприятий (США) Углов)
abbr., Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Co Ltd.; OPCO Adma-Opco Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Operation Co.
abbr., Abu Dhabi Marine Areas, Ltd.
abbr., el. automatic drafting machine
abbr., IT Advanced Display Manufacturers of America; advanced DMA (controller Bricker)
abbr., oil Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (Sunny Slonik)