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 advance [əd'vɑ:ns] adj.
account. avvanz
 English thesaurus
 advance [əd'vɑ:ns] n
cinema Of a composite print: the distance between a point on the soundtrack and the corresponding image. Of payment: an amount given before receipt of services.
mil., abbr. ad
 ADVANCE [əd'vɑ:ns] abbr.
abbr. Advancing Developing Voicing And Networking Club Of Enterprises
abbr., law Avoiding Drugs Violence And Negative Choices Early
abbr., med. Action in Diabetes and Vascular Disease: Preterax and MR Controlled Evaluation (ВВладимир)
abbr., mil. Army Data Validation and Netting Capability Establishment
abbr., mil., avia. airborne Doppler velocity, altitude, navigation compass equipment
abbr., post Advanced Mail Tracking & Reporting System for Standard Mail & Periodicals (notification and tracking service)
abbr., transp. Advanced Driver And Vehicle Advisory Navigation Concept
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