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 activities n
environ. attivitajiet
 activity [æk'tɪvɪtɪ] n
comp., MS attività (A collaborative action, such as sharing, calendar sharing, or using a whiteboard), nucl.pow. attività; rata ta' diżintegrazzjoni
activities: 142 phrases in 33 subjects
Accounting10 Law4
Astronautics2 Life sciences2
Banking1 Medical1
Chemistry2 Microsoft2
Commerce2 Natural sciences1
Communications9 Nuclear physics2
Construction2 Oil / petroleum1
Criminal law2 Pharmacy and pharmacology1
Earth sciences1 Physical sciences3
Economy14 Politics3
Employment2 Research and development1
Environment18 Social science8
Finances15 Statistics2
General11 Trade unions1
Government, administration and public services5 Transport2
Health care10 United Nations1