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 active ['æktɪv] n
comp., MS attiv (Pertaining to the device, program, file, record or portion of the screen that is currently operational or subject to command operations)
 English thesaurus
 active ['æktɪv] abbr.
abbr. act. (voice Vosoni); jiggy (TimkinTut)
abbr., polym. act.
mil., abbr. ac; act
 ACTIVE ['æktɪv] abbr.
abbr. Achieving Competitiveness Through Innovation And Value Enhancement; All Communities Together In Various Exercises; All Companies Together In Various Exercises
abbr., mil. Advanced Control Technology for Integrated Vehicles
abbr., scottish Advanced Control Technology for Integrated Vehicles (USAF)
 ACTIVE ['æktɪv] abbr.
abbr., India Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification (источник 13.05)
abbr., oil advanced components through increased volumetric efficiency
active: 82 phrases in 30 subjects
Accounting3 Information technology1
Agriculture4 Labor law4
Chemistry5 Law1
Communications1 Life sciences1
Demography4 Materials science1
Earth sciences1 Mechanic engineering1
Economy1 Medical4
Electronics2 Metallurgy1
Employment1 Microsoft10
Environment5 Pharmacy and pharmacology4
Finances1 Social science7
Food industry1 Statistics1
General6 Technology5
Health care2 Trade unions2
Human rights activism1 Transport1