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 act 1. Something done voluntarily by a person, and of such a nature that certain legal consequences attach to it. 2. Documents, decrees, edicts, laws, judgments, etc. v
environ. att
 English thesaurus
 act. v
gen. acknowledgement
abbr. acting; active
abbr., fin. account
 act [ækt] abbr.
abbr., tremolite-actinolite; tremolite-actinote
electr.eng. air-cooled triode
lit. A section or a major division within a play. Frequently, individual acts are separated into smaller units called scenes.
 ACT [ækt] abbr.
abbr. Accurate Complete And Timely; America Coming Together; Automated Confirmation Transaction Service; algebraic compiler and translator; activity (деятельность; активность; учреждение; орган; служба; боевые действия; (радио) активность Углов); actual (фактический, действительный; абсолютный Углов); actual temperature (истинная температура Углов); actuate (приводить в действие (или) в движение Углов); Air Cleaning Technology (Interex); Air Combat Tactics (training in the application of BFM and ACM skills to achieve a tactical air-to-air objective); American College Testing Program (Американская организация по проведению отборочных испытаний при поступлении в высшие учебные заведения Углов); Architecture Characterization Template (DISA); Assurance Coordination Team (SEIC); airway clearance therapy
abbr., account. advance corporation tax
abbr., astronaut. advanced chemical tug (перспективный МТА на химическом топливе Углов)
abbr., auto. air charge temperature
abbr., avia. Waco, Texas USA; additional center tank (Interex)
abbr., BrE Air Council for Training
abbr., commer. average custom transactions (Toughguy)
abbr., comp., net. audio conference terminal; automatic code translation
abbr., ed. Advanced Career Training
abbr., ed., scient. American College Test
abbr., el. asymmetric crystal topography
abbr., file.ext. Action! Presentation file; Actor source code file (Graphics cell, Animation Works); Adobe Color table (Photoshop); Assistant actor (MS Office)
abbr., fin. Arab countries in transition
abbr., geogr. Australian Capital Territory (peuplier_8)
abbr., health., med. Abuse Counseling and Treatment
abbr., IT Advanced Composite Technology; Advanced Computer Techniques Corporation
abbr., law Assertive Community Treatment
abbr., Makarov. auto charge transfer
abbr., med. American College Of Theriogenologists; Anticoagulant Therapy; Artemisinin Combination Therapy (malaria); ASAT (MichaelBurov); AspAT (MichaelBurov); activated clotting time (активированное время свёртывания крови (АВС) kat_j); Aspartate transaminase (also called aspartate aminotransferase (AspAT/ASAT/AAT) or serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (SGOT); AST omel-la); serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (MichaelBurov); AST (MichaelBurov); AAT (MichaelBurov); aspartate transaminase (MichaelBurov)
abbr., media. Action for Children's Television
abbr., mil. Active Control Technology; advance civilian team
abbr., mil., avia. acoustic charged transport
abbr., mil., WMD Analytical Chemistry Team; ASARC Coordinating Team; analytical concentration tube
abbr., O&G, sahk.r. automatic custody transfer
abbr., oil automatic custody transfer (system)
abbr., physiol., med. Active Motion; AntiCoagulant Therapy
abbr., post air contract transportation tag (Franka_LV); Automation Compatible Tray (for AFSM-ai, 2005 and FSS, 2007)
abbr., progr., IT Artemis Comparison Tool
abbr., qual.cont. activated
abbr., scottish Acoustic Charge Transport; Airportable Cargo Trailer
abbr., tech. nuclear steam plant; Advanced Composites Technology (bonly); anti-comet-tail ("антикометный"; сокр. Углов); aircrew classification test; approach clearance time; air combat training
energ.ind., abbr. advanced combustion technology; advanced concepts test
mil. advanced computer technology
mil., abbr. Army combat trainer; Army communicative technology; accumulation time; active control technique; advanced capability tanker; advanced career training; advanced concept team; aerial combat tactics; air cavalry troop; air combat tactics; air contact team; aircrewman classification test; area communications terminal; armored cavalry trainer; automatic checkout technician; aviation classification test
mil., tech. air control team
physiol., abbr. Anticoagulant therapy
tech., abbr. activation; advanced communications technology; antenna crosstalks; area correlation tracker; automatic cable tester; automatic capacitor tester; automatic checkout technique; automatic circuit tester; automatic color tracking; automatic component tester
 Act [ækt] abbr.
abbr. Actonian (MichaelBurov); actinolite; Acton's Prize Causes
abbr., oil activator
 Act. abbr.
abbr., actinium; activator
 Act/ abbr.
abbr., busin. acting
 ACT [ækt] abbr.
abbr. Active Cleansing Technology (Johnny Bravo)
abbr., astronaut. Advanced Cooling Technologies (semfromshire)
abbr., avia. activity; aircraft airplane configuration tracking; automatic checkout technology
abbr., busin. account; action; actionnaire; actuary; Analogical Circuit Technique; contract
abbr., actuate; actuating; alumina ceramic test; automatic contrast tuning
abbr., fin. Association of Corporate Treasurers
abbr., IT action game
abbr., autologous chondrocyte transplantation
abbr., mach.comp. actuator (igisheva)
abbr., NATO Allied Command Transformation (Nu Zdravstvuy)
abbr., oil active; Adams Coiled Tubing; advanced composite thread; advances in catalytic technologies; air chamber test; alternating current trigger; analog circuit technique; automatic calibration technique; automatic code translator
abbr., space active-control technology; advanced con cepts and technology program; advanced control technology; ALSP control terminal ALSP; anticommunications threat; atlas composing terminal; automated control & distribution of trainees; augmented catalytic thruster
abbr., tech. auxiliary current transformer, abbr. Associated Container Transportation Ltd.
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