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 1373 Committee adj.
UN Kumitat Kontra t-Terroriżmu; Kumitat tal-Kunsill tas-Sigurtà stabbilit skont ir-riżoluzzjoni 1373 2001 dwar il-ġlieda kontra t-terroriżmu; Kumitat tar-Riżoluzzjoni 1373
 committee EU adj.
econ. kumitat (UE)
 English thesaurus
 committee [kə'mɪtɪ] abbr.
abbr. citte
mil., abbr. cmte; com; comm; comte; ctte
 commiTTee [kə'mɪtɪ] abbr.
abbr. commitee (commiTee -- распространенное неверное написание слова commiTTee. перейдите по ссылке, чтобы увидеть варианты перевода слова commiTTee и фраз с ним SirReal)
 527 committee n
polit. "Section 527" Committee ( Artjaazz)
Committee: 514 phrases in 33 subjects
Accounting4 Human rights activism11
Animal husbandry1 Immigration and citizenship5
Banking1 Information technology1
Chemistry4 International trade2
Commerce6 Law40
Communications3 Medical1
Criminal law1 Obsolete / dated24
Economy48 Pharmacy and pharmacology5
Electronics1 Politics108
Employment2 Private international law1
Environment11 Social science11
Finances41 Statistics7
Fish farming pisciculture6 Technology1
Food industry2 Transport3
General107 United Nations38
Health care12 Wood processing5
Hobbies and pastimes1