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  format ['fɔ:mæt] n
comp., MS ການຈັດຮູບແບບ (The overall layout or pattern of a document); ຈັດຮູບແບບ (" To prepare a disk for use by organizing its storage space into a collection of data "compartments", each of which can be located by the operating system so that data can be sorted and retrieved. When a previously used disk is formatted, any preexisting information on it is lost.")
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  format ['fɔ:mæt] n
mil., abbr. fmt
  FORMAT ['fɔ:mæt] abbr.
abbr., avia. Fortran matrix abstraction technique
  format The attributes of a cell in a spreadsheet, such as its being alphabetic or numeric, the number of digits, the use of commas, and the use of currency signs abbr.
abbr., comp., MS ఫార్మాట్
  Format ['fɔ:mæt] n
comp., abbr. F
  FORMAT ['fɔ:mæt] n
mil. Foreign Materiel
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