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  device [dɪ'vaɪs] n
comp., MS ອຸປະກອນ (Any piece of equipment that can be attached physically or wirelessly to a network or computer, for example, printers, keyboards, external disk drives, or other peripheral equipment)
 English thesaurus
  device [dɪ'vaɪs] n
herald. an emblematic design used especially as a heraldic bearing ( Bursch)
IT A generic term for a computer subsystem, such as a printer, serial port or disk drive. A device frequently requires its own controlling software, called a device driver.
jewl. Refers to the main focal point on a coin.
lit. Describes any literary technique, for example metaphors or alliteration.
metrol. A device intended to make a measurement, alone or in conjunction with other equipment
mil., abbr. dev; dv; dvc
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